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Zero Chill is a British teen drama series that premiered on Netflix on 15 March 2021. The series centers on the McBentley family, who are moving their son from their home in Canada to England to join the hockey team. The series also stars Grace Beedie, Dakota Benjamin Taylor, Jade Ma, Jeremias Amur, Anastasia Chocolata and Leonardo Fontes. Produced by Lime Pictures, Zero Chill was filmed in Sheffield, England.

Zero Chill Series Details

Zero Chill Series
  • Series Name: Zero Chill
  • Genre: Teen drama
  • Created by: Kirstie Falkous John Regier
  • Written by: Adam Usden
  • Directed by: Angelo Abela
  • Starring: Grace Beedie Dakota Benjamin Taylor Jade Ma Jeremias Amoore Anastasia Chocholatá Sam Stelzer
  • Composer: Vince Pope
  • Country of origin: United Kingdom
  • Original language: English
  • executive producers: Angelo Abela Tim Compton Kate Little Claire Poyser
  • Producer: Dominic Mac Donald
  • Production: Sheffield, England
  • Cinematography: Phil Wood
  • Editor: Dave Long
  • Running time: 26–34 minutes
  • Production company: Lime Pictures
  • Distributor: Netflix

Zero Chill Series Casts Name

  • Grace Beedie: Kayla MacBentley
  • Dakota Benjamin Taylor
  • Jade Ma: Sky Tyler
  • Jeremias Amoore: Bear Stelzer
  • Anastasia Chocholatá: Ava Hammarström
  • Leonardo Fontes: Sam Stelzer
  • Leonardo Fontes: Sam Stelzer
  • Sarah-Jane Potts: Jenny MacBentley
  • Doug Rao: Luke Mac Bentley
  • Tanja Ribi: Elina Hammarström
  • Oscar Skagerberg: Anton Hammarström
  • Stan Steinbichler: Nico Haas
  • Christina Tam: Holly Tyler
  • Kenneth Tynan: Jacob Schimmer
  • Ayumi Roux: Maia Legarde
  • Brett Houghton: Carson Hubick
  • Jerry Kwarteng: Axel Stelzer
  • Calin Bleau: Marek Zelezney

The producers of the Zero Chill series wanted to cast real skaters for the series, as it brought “authenticity” that “CGI trickery” could not. Despite their skating experience, all actors were sent to a training program for nine weeks prior to filming. Executive producer Angelo Abella said the cast wanted to try out both sports, so that we ice skaters could play ice hockey and vice versa.

Dakota Benjamin Taylor now explained that for ice skating scenes, performers were not allowed to jump on the ice. After the producers met Team GB figure skating coach David Hartley, the general manager of Ice Sheffield, where Hartley works, he was offered the opportunity to film the series there. When the cast members went to training, they were able to watch professional figure skaters training, as well as the Sheffield Steelers.

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