YRKKH 8 October Written Update Karthik got a shocking news

Today’s episode begins with Goenka playing Dum Sharad. Manish tries to crack the film given by Suhasini. Kartik acts. Kairav ​​and others try to identify the film. Kairav ​​gets a call from Seerat. He tells her that no one has been able to crack the film. Seerat asks Kairav ​​to show him Kartik’s act. Seerat named the film as ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’.

Goenka gets happy. Kartik talks to Seerat and asks if she is missing them. Seerat says that she is missing everyone but after the tournament they will have picnics and parties every day. Kartik asks Seerat if he should come to pick her up.

Seerat said no to Kartik. Further, Seerat practices boxing with Arvind. Mukesh meets Seerat and records his video. He threatens her and says that she cannot be saved now as he will report her to the federation. Seerat says that she will also tell Mahasangh that he does not teach her but tortures her.

YRKKH 8 October Written Update Karthik got a shocking news
YRKKH 8 October Written Update Karthik got a shocking news

Mukesh decided to send the recorded video to the federation. Karthik threw Mukesh’s mobile. He further reveals that he too has recorded her video and will send to the federation that he is harassing Seerat.

Kartik asks Seerat to delete the video. Serates. Mukesh pushes Kartik and says that he will not spare him. Karthik groaned in pain. Seerat is worried for Kartik. She panics. Kartik asks Seerat not to worry.

Later, Goenka gets worried seeing Kartik in pain. Seerat tells Goenka about Kartik’s fight with Mukesh. Surekha blames Seerat for Kartik’s condition. She asks Seerat why did she hide about Mukesh from her. Kartik tells Goenka that he stopped Seerat from discussing about Mukesh.

The doctor examines Kartik and tells Goenkas that there is no external injury, but he may have an internal injury. He suggests for X-rays. Seerat decides to accompany Kartik to the hospital. Kartik asks Seerat to focus on his game and he will inform her.

At night, Kartik thinks that despite taking pain killers, the pain is not less. He asks God to help as he wants Seerat’s match not to be interrupted. Also, Kartik decides to go to the hospital.

He pretends in front of Seerat that he is fine. Seerat prays for Kartik’s well being. The doctor informs Manish and Kartik that Kartik may have to undergo surgery as he suspects that he has suffered an internal injury.

Kartik decides to hide the truth from Seerat. Manish prays for Kartik’s health. Seerat calls Kartik. Kartik lies to Seerat about his health. Seerat asks Kartik to get her to talk to the doctor. Kartik’s pain increases but he hides it from Seerat. Seerat was called for the qualifying match.

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