YRKKH 17 January 2022 Written Update | Abhimanyu Came To Know About The Truth Of The Campfire

YRKKH 17 January 2022 Written Update. In today’s episode; Akshara sees Aarohi and thinks that she should not have taken the wrong path to reach her goal. Suhasini asks Akshara to apply turmeric to Aarohi. Abhimanyu sees Akshara’s bracelet and thinks about it. Harsh asks Abhimanyu to go home and get ready.

Abhimanyu asks Harsh if Manjari has returned. Harsh decides not to argue with Abhimanyu today. Later, Abhimanyu goes to an emergency to check on the patients. Akshara tells Aarohi that she is not in a mood to apply turmeric to him. Aarohi asks Akshara not to apply again. Kairav ​​sees Akshara and Aarohi. Akshara remembers Aarohi’s lie.

At the hospital, the staff prepare a dance for Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu danced with the employees. Neil sends Akshara a dancing video. Akshara gets shocked seeing the video. Suhasini asks Aarohi to perform a small ritual. Kairav ​​asks Akshara if she is fine. He asks what is bothering him. Akshara tells Kairav ​​that he is fine. Abhimanyu returns home. Nishtha asks Abhimanyu to get ready. Abhimanyu says once Manjari will come back, he will be ready today.

YRKKH 17 January 2022 Written Update

Also, Aarohi lies to Goenka about going to the parlor. She seeks permission to take Akshara with her. Akshara stood confused. On the other hand, Abhimanyu recounts his moments with Akshara. He breaks down and wishes for Manjari’s return. Akshara learns that Aarohi is going to another city for her exam. She alerts Aarohi and says that Abhimanyu cannot handle lies. Akshara tells Aarohi that she is wrong.

Aarohi says she will reach on time. She says that Abhimanyu is going to become her husband and will take care of him. Akshara gets Aarohi wrong. Manish shares with Akhilesh about the pain of losing Aarohi and Akshara post marriage. Akhilesh consoles Manish. Suhasini and Swarna see Manish and Akhilesh. Swarna says that men pretend to be tough from outside but soft from inside. Suhasini decides to leave Manish and Akhilesh alone. Akshara tries to stop Aarohi.

Aarohi asks Akshara to handle everything behind her back, Akshara tells Aarohi that she is doing wrong. Aarohi says that sometimes telling small lies works well. Akshara gets shocked. Shefali spots Aarohi at the airport. Akshara is asked to tell the truth that she is in love with Abhimanyu. She stood shocked. Abhimanyu comes and asks Akshara if she loves him. He encourages her to tell everyone that she loves him.

Akshara says that she is in love with Aarohi. Abhimanyu says that Aarohi does not love him equally nor does he love Aarohi. He asks Akshara to confess his love before it is too late.

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