Yo Yo Honey Singh | Shalini Talwar made dirty allegations against her father-in-law

Yo Yo Honey Singh | Shalini Talwar Punjabi rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh, who has earned his name in Bollywood, has been in the headlines for the past few days. On August 3, Honey Singh’s wife Shalini Talwar had accused him of domestic violence.

Shalini Talwar claimed that Honey Singh has cheated her many times. Not only this, Shalini Talwar had also made serious allegations against Honey Singh’s family. Shalini Talwar had claimed that her father-in-law had tried to touch her inappropriately.

Shalini Talwar has leveled serious allegations of sexual harassment and mental harassment against Honey Singh. Apart from this, Shalini Talwar has demanded Rs 10 crore as damages from Honey Singh.

Yo Yo Honey Singh | Shalini Talwar

Meanwhile, Honey Singh has broken his silence on this matter. Some time ago, Honey Singh has released an official statement on social media.

Giving clarification on the allegations against himself, Honey Singh wrote, ‘These allegations are giving me a lot of pain. False allegations are being made against me. The accuser is my wife who was living with me for 20 years.

This allegation is very serious. You have never given your statement by issuing any statement before this. People often question my songs and lyrics. People spread rumors about my health. Media also writes a lot negative about me

Honey Singh further wrote, ‘Till now I was silent but now it has become necessary to speak. This time my family has been targeted. My old parents and sister are being accused. These people have helped me through bad times. At that time the whole world was against me. These allegations have ruined the reputation of my family.

Honey Singh further wrote, ‘I have been working in the industry for 15 years. I have worked with many stars. We all know how my wife and I’s relationship is. He was an integral part of my life for a long time. She often accompanied me on the shoots as well. I need to speak. This matter has now gone to court.

I have full faith in my law. Soon the truth will come out. I want to request my fans not to jump to any conclusion at the moment. Truth will prevail. Thank you all for your continuous support

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