Why Does Dr Mashoor Gulati Not Want To Return To Kapil’s Show

Talking about the Kapil Sharma show, the one who hosts this show is also named Kapil Sharma, who named the show after himself. In today’s time, this show is touching the heights of the sky, due to which the TRP of this show in today’s time is much higher than the rest of the shows. This is the reason why this show is the best reality show in the present time.

There was a time when there was a cloud of sorrow on this show, due to which the show was also closed. This is because apart from Kapil Sharma, who is considered to be the most important character of the show, there was such a character after which the TRP of the show ended completely.

For your information, let us tell you that the name of this character is Doctor Mashoor Gulati and the name of the actor who played this character is Sunil Grover. This character of the doctor was liked so much that even today people like to watch its old episodes, but something happened between

Why Does Dr Mashoor Gulati Not Want To Return To Kapil's Show

Kapil Sharma and Sun Grover due to which both started hating each other and separated. Next, we will tell you in the article what happened between the two, due to which Sunil Grover completely ended the relationship with Kapil.

Kapil Sharma’s show is the best comedy show in India, due to which everyone is well aware of this show in the present time. You will remember that in the Kapil Sharma show that used to come a few years ago, there was a character named Doctor Mashoor Gulati, who was very much liked by the people, but then suddenly that character disappeared and said goodbye to the show.

This is because there was a tussle between Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma who played this character. Something happened that Kapil Sharma had shouted at an employee after consuming the wrong thing and Sunil Grover did not like this thing at all, due to which

Sunil Grover forbade Kapil to say this but Kapil did something to Sunil Grover too. Did not understand and started speaking ill of Sunil and started humiliating him. Next in the article, we will tell you how Sunil Grover replied to Kapil.

Talking about this show of Kapil Sharma, at present, everyone likes to watch this show and talk about it very much. An anecdote of show host Kapil Sharma and the old and most important character of the show Dr Gulati has come to the fore, due to which everyone is talking about him in the present time.

Let us tell you that Kapil Sharma had told Sunil Grover a lot by consuming the wrong thing, due to which there was a scuffle between the two. Due to this, Sunil Grover ended all his relations with Kapil Sharma on the same day and also left his show The Kapil Sharma. Due to which Kapil’s show was closed.

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