Urfi Javed Came Without Clothes Photo Viral On Social Media

Urfi Javed hid his body in this way, not clothes, fans' heads were baffled after seeing the photo

Once again Urfi Javed is present on social media with his Atrangi avatar. This time he hid his body with paint, not clothes.

Not only fans of Urfi Javed's photo video, trollers also eagerly wait. While the number of people who

joke about her unusual dressing sense is in the thousands, her fans also praise the style of the actress a lot.

Urfi Javed shared his latest photo some time ago. In these photos, she is seen hiding her body with paint, not clothes.

Trollers take a jibe at these avatars of Lakh Urfi, but it is not only difficult but impossible to shake the amazing confidence of the actress.

Seeing the latest photos of Urfi, where the fans are praising his style, the trollers have once again caught their heads.

Urfi Javed does not stay in discussion with any show or film, she is making headlines across the country just for her unusual dressing sense.