Velle Movie Review Cast Name Story Details More

Velle Movie (2021) is a Bollywood film based in Indian language Hindi. In this film, you will see many legendary people working, including Abhay Deol, Karan Deol, Savant Singh Premi, Anya Singh etc. The film is directed by Velle Film by Deven Munjal and produced by Nandini Sharma, Aarushi Malhotra, Rajnish Khanuja. On 18 November 2021, the picture of the film Vele was shared for the first time on social media. Full of comedy punch. They meet Riya and Riya is Siddhant’s daughter and Riya suggests to the R3 group to kidnap her and make a deal with her father.

Sunny Deol’s son Karan Deol has stepped into Bollywood. He entered the industry with the film Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas. Now Karan’s second film Vele has been released in theaters today. Along with Karan, his uncle Abhay Deol has also appeared in this film. This is a crime comedy film which has proved successful in making the audience laugh, for that first you have to know how this film is.

Velle Movie Details

Velle Movie Review Cast Name Story Details More
Velle Movie Review Cast Name Story Details
  • Title Name: Velle
  • Genre: Comedy And Drama
  • Language: Hindi
  • Release Date: 10 December 2021
  • Director by: Deven Munjal
  • Writer by: Pankaj Matta
  • Cinematography: Anshul Chobey
  • Man Cast: Karan Deol, Anya Singh, Abhay Deol, Mouni Roy, Zakir Hussain, Visshesh Tiwari, Savant Singh Premi

Velle Movie Cast Name

  • Karan Deol: Rahul
  • Anya Singh: Riya
  • Abhay Deol: Rishi Singh
  • Mouni Roy: Rohini
  • Zakir Hussain: Riya’s Father
  • Visshesh Tiwari: Raju
  • Savant Singh Premi: Rambo
  • Rajesh Kumar: Rajni Inspector
  • Mahesh Thakur: Rahul’s Father

Velle Movie Story

Velle Movie’s story begins with Rishi Singh Abhay Deol, who is a filmmaker. Rishi Singh gets popular actress Rohini Mouni Roy for his low-budget film and he wants to take her as a heroine in this film. Rishi narrates to Rohini the story of three special friends – Rahul Karan Deol, Rambo Sawant Singh Premi and Raju Vishesh Tiwari, the R3 gang. Actually these gangs are the real ‘Velles’ who just have fun.

Their life has only one purpose and that is to relax and have fun. These three boys are students of the school and Riya Anya Singh is the daughter of Zakir Hussain, the principal of the same school, whose entry makes this R3 gang R4. This fourth R i.e. Riya has a plan, in which these three get trapped. Now what happens to these Vells and the situations that arise are sure to make you laugh.

First of all, let me tell you that this film of director Deven Munjal is an official remake of the Telugu film Brochevarevarura. But screenplay-dialogue writer Pankaj Kumar has tried his best to make this film according to the Hindi audience. By the way, by watching the trailer, you will understand that such a story of ‘Comedy of Error’ with friends has been seen in many other Bollywood films before.

But ‘Velle’ is quite different even after being on the same track. Most importantly, these three Veles bring a fun freshness to the story and you will enjoy watching these three school students. Karan Deol has the innocence of the Deol family, so many times it is understood from his face that he has been mistaken for ‘accidentally’, he is not doing it intentionally.

Velle begins with three criminals discussing their plan to make some quick money and soon kidnap a girl (Rhea, who is later revealed) for ransom. Cut to a five-star hotel where Rishi is meeting a filmmaker for his realistic and difficult subject. But things don’t work out and he decides to do his film his own way.
Director Deven Munjal has chosen an interesting topic from the South for the remake in Hindi. However, like its inspiration, the revised version is not flawless.

The first half seems to be taking the title of the film too seriously and is a bit too ‘chilled out’ and disoriented. It’s only at the intervening point when more things happen, and the movie kicks into high gear. And the second half fills up more than the first ‘Vellapanti’ and keeps you hooked to the action of the screen, even if you expect them halfway.

Abhay Deol is easily the best part of this film. Whatever the scene, he plays his part with great confidence and dignity, which makes you wonder why the filmmakers are not coming up with better themes and roles for this amazing actor.

So, whenever he does a project which doesn’t happen very often, it is really refreshing to see him on screen after a long time. As film star Rohini, Mouni Roy has limited scope to perform. However, whenever she appears in the film, she lights up the screen.
Karan Deol makes a sincere effort to play the role of the childed-out Rahul. And it is in the second half that he feels more comfortable in his role and his character ages as the story progresses, without much ado.

Anya Singh plays the role of Badiya Riya, while Sawant Singh lends due support in the form of lover and special Tiwari friends, Rambo and Raju. Hussain does well as the school principal and Riya’s father, while Mahesh Thakur rises as Rahul’s father. Rajesh Kumar (Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai Ka Rojesh) is fine as the cop and friend of Radhe Shyam.

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