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Umer Qureshi The success story of a boy whom people used to make fun of, who found it difficult to get out of the house, even his own people started thinking of him as worthless. At one time it came to his life that no one was with him, he was completely alone. Even in such a strange situation, she did not give up and lived her life.

In which case we and you might have stopped living. And by doing such work, which is lost today is a best motivation for the boy, whom people make fun of, considers him to be worthless. That boy’s name is Umer Qureshi

Umer Qureshi Biography

Umer Qureshi
Umer Qureshi

Umer Qureshi is an India’s best blogger, October, Affiliate Marketer and Entrepreneur. Who are emerging in Digital India with their hard work, dedication and their talent. The age of umer qureshi is still 17 years (in 2021). Umer Qureshi was born on 13 April 2004 in Delhi. So, Umer Qureshi is also from Delhi. Umer Qureshi belongs to a well-to-do family, his father is a businessman.

Umer Qureshi Wikimedia

  • Real name Umer qureshi Date of borth 13th april 2004 borth palace new delhi home town new delhi age 17 years hair color black weight 65 kg Profession Blogging, youtuber & digital marketer monthly income 4 to 5 lakhs Net worth 40 to 50 lakhs First income Rs. 802nd income Rs.25000

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Umer Qureshi success story

Now we will know about Umer Qureshi Wikipedia, the struggle story of Umer Qureshi from the beginning of his life. So let’s know about the success story of Umer Qureshi. Often there will be some boys in your neighborhood, town and village who are thicker than all, then people make fun of them, calling them by different names. Something similar happened with Umer Qureshi. Because they were fat.

When Umer Qureshi went to school, he would be mocked there too. Even his friends and teachers did not respond to him. But he felt most sad when his own people also considered him to be useless and useless. That is why they wanted to do something so that they too could get respect and respect like the rest of the people.

At that time computer was very important in their school, which means that whoever had a little knowledge of the computer was respected in the school, and that is why they also wanted to teach the computer so that they could also get respect.

For this, he started asking for work in the internet cafes near him, at the age of only twelve years. , But there he was also mocked and asked to join his paid course, but at that time he did not have so much money and that is why he could not learn computers.

Even after this, he continued to be made fun of, and at one point it became difficult to leave his house. And for this reason 6 -7 months went into depression.

In 2017, it was Eid when Umer Qureshi and his brothers had some money that they had received from their relatives. With those money, everyone together bought a mobile for their mother.

Which benefited Umer Qureshi, as he used to use it more. Umer Qureshi had to do something from the beginning so that he too could be respected like the rest of the people and that’s why he was always looking for opportunity.

While searching for opportunity, he found a video on YouTube which described some ways to earn money sitting at home, the first way was to earn money from YouTube channel and the second way was affiliate marketing.

He started a YouTube channel without delay, he also faced a lot of difficulties because he did not have a camera and would make and upload videos from his mobile, but he did not get success on YouTube too and his three Channels dispersed. Even after this, he did not give up and adopted another method.

The second approach was affiliate marketing. Umer Qureshi first tried Affiliate Marketing for free but he did not get success. Then he asked for money from his father on his birthday and his father gave him Rs. 1300, that money was invested by Umer Qureshi in Affiliate Marketing, but this time also he did not get success.

After this they found that due to lack of skill in them, they are spreading again and again. For this, he bought a course online that too secretly with his father’s card. He learned a lot from that course and after that he got success and he was convinced that he would now do something.

Umer Qureshi’s first income

Umer Qureshi

When Umer Qureshi got success after his course, his first income was 80 rupees, which was still in app. At that time they did not have a place of happiness, yet they could not tell anyone because earning 80 rupees was a common thing at that time, but for Umer Qureshi, it was not work from any Kohinoor. Because he got 80 rupees after a long time.

After this, Umer Qureshi was supposed to go to a seminar to increase his knowledge, which was going to be in Goa, but he could not attend that seminar because his family did not let him go, and he missed this seminar. After some time, the second seminar was in Delhi, which he wanted to join in any case, but for that he needed some money. Which they did not have.

One of his friends was Tej Pratap Batra who helped Umer Qureshi, gave Rs 10,000 to Umer, with whom he reached Delhi and attended the seminar without even informing the family. When he came back, he now had to return his friend’s money, with whose help he has reached this stage today.

But a few days after coming back from the seminar, his second payment came, which was 25000 rupees. So that after giving money to his friend, he gave the remaining money to his family. After this, his life started moving forward.

Umer Qureshi net worth

As you know that umer qureshi ki first income was 80 rupees and second income was 25000. But today Umer Qureshi earn money in various ways. First of all they earn from affiliate marketing, but apart from this, they also earn money from YouTube, blogging and clinte service today.

Today (in 2021) umer qureshi ki income is 4 -5 lakh rupees a month. And if we talk of umer qureshi net worth, then the net worth of umer qureshi is 40 -50 lakh rupees. Which is a big deal. Because there is hardly anyone in India who would earn so much at the age of seventeen.

Umer Qureshi has struggled a lot during his lifetime and has learned a lot. And today they have learned so much that they also teach others. Today there is also the course of Umer Qureshi which Umer Qureshi sells on his blog. The umer qureshi course is related to internet marketing and blogging, in which Umer Qureshi shows ways to grow online business.

After doing all this, Umer Qureshi has also opened his university. Which is named umerqureshiuniversity .com. In umerqureshiuniversity .com, they explain affiliate marketing and how to earn money online and show them a right direction. Today in 2020, more than 5000 people have joined the umer qureshi university. Which is a big deal. Because today there are not so many students in any school.

Umer qureshi blog name

Umer Qureshi does affiliate marketing as well as YouTube and blogging. Today umer Qureshi has more than two blogs. One of which is the famous blog named guideblogging .com and another blog umerqureshiuniversity .com .Guide posts related to blogging by Umer Qureshi at And also promotes their paid courses and affiliate marketing.

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