List Of Top 10 Ullu Upcoming Web Series 2021

Today We are providing Top 10 Ullu Upcoming Web Series List Nowadays people like to watch movies less web series. By the way, many platforms are very famous for web series. And one of these platforms is named Ullu. You will get to see a new web series on Ullu.

Top 10 Ullu Upcoming Web Series

Ullu Upcoming Web Series
  • Riti rivaj pinjara
  • Prabha Ki Diary Season 2
  • Charam Sukh Jane Anjaane Mein
  • Aadha Adhura Pyaar
  • Breast tax
  • Charamsukh Meri Padosan
  • Lal lihaaf
  • Lovely Massage Parlor
  • Aate Ki Chakki
  • Rupaya 500 Season 2

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Riti rivaj pinjara

There is a man in a tribal village in Maharashtra who has more than one wife and each is assigned to do daily household chores. Shanta being Bhagatram’s only wife, she forces him to remarry as she is tired of doing all the work alone.

Bhagatram marries Bina and Shanta gets jealous when he gets intimate with Bhagatram. Bina injures herself while fetching water and unable to work, Shanta then forces Bhagatram to do a third marriage. Bhagatram marries Maya who feels neglected between the first two wives and outside the affair, Bina’s body is found in the village.

Prabha Ki Diary Season 2

An unsatisfied wife who aspires to win her husband’s love fails until a stranger enters her life. Her first instinct is to shut him up and repress her feelings, but she can’t resist the blazing passion for long – a locked door that is eventually opened, standing as a metaphor for the pursuit of female desire. |

Charam Sukh Jane Anjaane Mein

Charmsukh (Jaane Anjaane Mein) is a bold-drama web series, when a young guest comes to stay at home for a few days, father-in-law and Chandni are once again interrupted. The little boy records a video of Chandni and father-in-law and puts a condition in front of them by blackmailing them. What is that condition and will they both accept that little boy’s condition?

Aadha Adhura Pyaar

Palang Tod (Adha Adhura Pyaar) is a bold-drama web series, Nandini is very disappointed with her husband’s performance in the night, but is unaware that a young man will soon overcome her despair.

The web series stars Mishti Basu (Nandani), Saurabh Agarwal (Kishore), Shivam Tiwari (Karan) and Mohit Kumar (Gaurav) in lead roles. Watch Palang Tod (Bed Break) Web Series only and only on ULLU App

Breast tax

It is a fantasy drama based on real-life stories of women living in the Kingdom of Travancore. They use to cover their chest and then they have to pay tax. Whereas the tax is calculated according to the size and shape of the girl’s body.

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Charamsukh Meri Padosan

If we talk about the plot, the story revolves around a young boy who has a lot of desires. The boy also has a problem that whenever he sees a girl, he starts imagining her in a dream and starts fulfilling his desires in dreams with her.

She even dreams about his maidservant. Once, a very hot and beautiful girl comes to his neighbor but he hides from her but the same night he imagines her in a dream. When the boy is unable to talk to him, the girl comes to him and asks why he is hesitant to come in front of him.

He tells her about his problem and tells her that he imagines her too. After that one day the girl calls him and asks him to come to her house. She tells him that she wants to do with him what he dreams of.

Now what happens next is going to be very interesting. The series will stream on Ullu app on April 16, 2021. So, get ready to enjoy the most engaging and engaging episode of Charmasukh – Meri Padosan. Stay with us for more interesting updates.

Lal lihaaf

The Genre of the web series is based on Crime, Thriller, Romance and Erotic. The woman in this story is married to a man but still she is not able to have physical relationship with him because her husband is not interested in him.

For the past eight years, she has been waiting for his love and attention to fulfill her desire and longing. Later, he established physical relations with his maidservant and his cousin. But her cousin is in love with her house helper Ansh. But the woman does not like the relationship between the assistant and her cousin, she wants to end it.

The web series is a crime thriller along with adult content which is definitely liked by the viewers who love to watch this type of content. The web series started with the star cast

Sneha Paul plays the role of wife Manish plays the role of Mahesh Alisha Sharma plays the role of sister Sooraj Soni plays the role of Ansh Al Akmar Saifi plays the role of Raja Ankit Dubey plays the role of Sonu

The web series will release on 23rd April 2021 on Ullu App and the content of the show is only available for 18+ category and this app is a paid subscription app. So all those who haven’t bought the subscription yet first buy it and then watch. Share your thoughts with us and stay tuned for more such updates.

Lovely Massage Parlor

It depicts the life of a middle-class girl who takes a bold decision to take care of her mother. When she is in need of money, her friend takes her to a massage parlor in the city, where she can earn a lot of money.

Aate Ki Chakki

The newly wed Mamta is enjoying a good sex life with her husband Vimal. Whereas her sister-in-law (elder daughter-in-law) is jealous because her husband is in the city and she is not getting happiness and has to do all the household chores.

Vimal goes to town for work and Mamta’s father-in-law gets an electric flour machine to ease her work. As soon as the machine starts, Mamta gets sexual pleasure from its vibrations in the absence of her husband, for pleasure.

Rupaya 500 Season 2

Ranju, a gullible maid to earn money, fulfills her master’s intimate desires for only five hundred rupees. The sly boss has no remorse for his actions and shares it with his friends at the same cost, but this time Ranju faces a backlash and physical beating for what he deserves.

Rupee 500 Part 2 web series takes the story forward. The trailer begins with the police taking Jai to the police station. After all these incidents, Jai’s wife divorced him. And after this there is an intimate scene between Jai and Kiran. In the last scene of the trailer, Kiran tries to sell Ranju’s daughter after which the police break-in. To know what happens next, watch the web series of Rupee Part 2 from 22nd June on Ullu App.

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