TMKOC | Jethalal Will Now Work In Bollywood Films

There will hardly be anyone in the whole of India who does not know Jethalal. This is because Jethalal is considered to be India’s most popular show, Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah is a very important character of the show, which everyone knows in today’s time. Talking about the character of Jethalal

The name of the artist who plays him is Dilip Joshi, who is known by all in today’s time and likes his acting very much. Very few people call Dilip Joshi ji by his real name while playing the character of Jethalal. Due to which everyone recognizes him only by his show name Jethalal. These days Jethalal is in the headlines everywhere and the reason for this is nothing but a statement given by Jethalal, due to which everyone is talking about Jethalal in the present time.

TMKOC's Jethalal
TMKOC | Jethalal Will Now Work In Bollywood Films

Jethalal has recently given a statement in which he has put his wish in front of everyone and has told that he wants to work in films, apart from this Jethalal has also given a big statement on saying goodbye to the show, which makes it seem like That Jethalal can leave the show. Let us tell you in detail about Jethalal’s wish.

If any character is considered to be the best in the acting world, then it belongs to none other than Jethalal. This is because people have been watching Jethalal’s character for the last 13 years and this character has made its place in the hearts of the people. This is the reason why people like Jethalal’s character so much. Let us tell you that the character of Jethalal is played by Dilip Joshi.

Dilip Joshi ji had told his wish during an interview recently, in which he said that he wants to show his talent in films and wants to act in them, due to which he said that he is looking for only one opportunity himself. To prove it in the acting world. Apart from this, Dilip Joshi has also spoken a lot about leaving his show Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, which seems that he can get away from the show anytime. Let us further tell you about this statement of Jethalal which he has given regarding the show.

Dilip Joshi ji is known to the whole country in today’s time, because of which none other than Jethalal’s character, which he plays in the show Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. If we tell about this character of Jethalal, then it is very much liked.

Dilip Joshi ji has recently spoken a lot about this character, in which he says that “He enjoys playing this character a lot and he likes it very much. After this Jethalal said that the day he does not feel comfortable playing this character of the show, he will leave the show. Due to this, in the present times, only Jethalal is being talked about everywhere.

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