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‘Thimmarusu’, the Telugu remake of Kannada film ‘Birbal’, is taut and leverages the strength of its lead figure Satya Deva. Remakes are difficult in a digital age where many film enthusiasts would have seen the original film. Unless a writer- The director doesn’t make the story appeal to the audience’s sensibilities in a different area,

Till then the remake may turn out to be a hazy shadow of the original. Director Sharan Koppisetti lives up to the origin story of MG Srinivas and cuts the flab to present a compelling film. The draw of the film, apart from a mind-boggling story, is the presence of actor Satya Dev, who plays a shrewd lawyer named Ramachandra with swag.

An essential component of swag is Thimarusu. It could easily have turned into a highly emotional narrative where a wrongly charged character considers the protagonist as his savior. The unjust young man, Vasu (Ankit Koyya), is not one to push a cry. She is angry with someone who has been framed and punished and Ramchandra has to work to gain her trust.

Thimmarusu Movie Details

Thimmarusu Movie Review
  • Title Name: Thimmarusu
  • Directed by: Sharan Koppisetty
  • Written by: Veda Vyas
  • Screenplay by: Sharan Koppisetty
  • Story by: M. G. Srinivas
  • Produced by: Mahesh S. Koneru Yarabolu Srujan
  • Starring: Satyadev Kancharana Priyanka Jawalkar Ajay
  • Cinematography: Appu Prabhakar
  • Edited by: Bikkina Thammiraju
  • Music by: Sricharan Pakala
  • Production Companies: East Coast Productions S Originals
  • Release date: July 30, 2021
  • Country: India
  • Language: Telugu

Thimmarusu Movie Cast

  • Satyadev Kancharana: Lawyer Ramachandra
  • Priyanka Jawalkar: Anu Ajay
  • Ankith Koyya: Vasu Brahmaji
  • Chaitanya Rao: Aravind
  • Aadarsh ​​Balakrishna
  • Harsh Chemudu
  • Praveen
  • Jhansi
  • Jayasri Rachakonda
  • Sandhya Janak
  • Ravi Babu: public prosecutor Varaha Murthy

Thimmarusu Movie Story

The inaugural act details the events of a rainy night in 2011 when a cab driver, who is also a police informer, is brutally murdered. Vasu who is passing by and informs the police, is framed and sentenced. Eight years later, Ramachandra reopens the case when the cash-rich law firm he works for decides to take some cases for free for those who cannot afford legal services.

Anu (Priyanka Jawalkar) and Sudhakar (Brahmaji) are helping Ramchandra. The exchange between Ramchandra and Sudhakar set the tone for the funny moments.

Partly a ‘Rashomon’ effect effort, Ramachandra tries to look at crime from different perspectives. A few turns throw the probing legal trio and Vasu out of balance, until Ramachandra reveals all of his cards and gets to the bottom of the puzzle.

The final reveal doesn’t come as a big surprise. But the conditions leading to it keep us invested. The lift has a masala touch to it with fight sequences and another briefcase that Satya Dev skillfully pulls off. However, I wanted the film not to explain every way of spoon feeding the audience.

In a little over two hours, Thimarusu takes care and stays away from the songs. Sricharan Pakala, who by now can probably compose for the thriller with his eyes closed, kicks off the proceedings once again with his impressive background score. Appu Prabhakar’s cinematography complements the brooding thriller with earthy, dark tones.

Satya Dev does a fine balancing act in portraying a brainy protagonist who can even handle the masala segment without looking out of place. Lord Brahma keeps on laughing. Ankit Koyya, who made his presence known as Johaar, is influential in internalizing the victim’s anger and helplessness. In her small role, Jhansi speaks little but conveys a lot with her body language. The character of the leading lady could have been written better; Priyanka Jawalkar plays it well but there isn’t much to make her stand out.

Thimarusul dons his hat to the historical personality of the same name who served as the prime minister of Krishnadevaraya. While the Kannada film is part of a trilogy, it remains to be seen whether . The makers of Thimarusu will also follow suit with further investigations. Sharan, whose previous film ‘Kirk Party’ was also a remake, presents an entertaining thriller to welcome audiences to theaters in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

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