The Promise Web Series Cast Name Story Review Details

The Promise web series was broadcast from 18 February 2019. So far three seasons of this web series have been aired and all three seasons have been well-liked by the audience. In this web series, Gokbark Demirsi, Munis Ozlam, Seyda Olugner, Gul Akron, Berkent Muftalur and Dreya Kurtlus have graced the occasion with excellent performances.

This web series full of romance, drama and thrill is guaranteed entertainment. All the episodes of all the three seasons of this web series are available online free on MX Player which you can watch anytime as per your wish.

The Promise Web Series Details

The Promise Web Series
  • Title Name: The Promise
  • Genre: Mystery, drama
  • Director by: Will update soon
  • Written by: Nazmiya Yılmaz
  • Directed by: Haka
    Arslan Reyhan Pekar
  • Starring: zge Yağız Gökberk Demirci Yağmur Sahbazova Can Verel
  • Running time: Update Soon
  • Original network: Kanal 7
  • Available On: MX Player
  • Language: Hindi
  • Season: 3
  • Original release date: 18 February 2019 – 28 June 2021

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The Promise Web Series Cast

  • zge Yağız: Reyhan Tarhun
  • Gökberk Demirci: Emir Tarhun
  • Cansu Tuman: Feride
  • Can Verel: Kemal Tarhun
  • Yağmur ahbazova: Narn Tarhun
  • Munise zlem: Leyla
  • Berkant Müftüler: Hikmet Tarhun
  • Gül Arcan: Cavidan Tarhun
  • Cansın Mina Gür: Masal Tarhun
  • Ceyda Olguner: Cemre
  • Sıla Türkoğlu: Suna Tarhun
  • Ali Dereli: Zafer
  • Oktar: ehriye
  • Tuğçe Ersoy: Süheyla
  • Mustafa Simsek: Talaz
  • Can aglar: Tac
  • Barış Gürses: Sefer
  • Yağmur Akdağ: Nigar
  • Bengü Gürses: Pelin
  • Bora Atabey: Erhan (Dead)
  • Hilal Anay: Gülsüm (Dead)
  • Gözde Gündüzlü: Oya
  • Balim Gaye Bayrak: Zeynep
  • Elif zkul Elsayit: Kumru
  • Hülya Aydn: Songül Hanım
  • Melahat Abbaşova: Münevver Hanm

Rihan comes to Istanbul on the invitation of his Aunt Hikmat. Hekmat wants to get her spoiled son Emir married to Rihaan, Hikmat pressures Rihaan to marry Emir. However, both Rihaan and Emir do not want to marry each other. But bowing to their promise to Hikmat, the two marry each other.

But how successful will this marriage be without love? Will their hatred for each other turn into love? To know, install MX Player now and start watching this best Turkish drama serial in best HD quality.

The Promise Web Series Story

At the beginning of the next season, Rehaan decides not to leave Amir and the two are upset with each other. Semere sets up the house where Amir and Rehaan are staying. The next morning Rehaan professed his love to Amir. As the days pass by, Semre makes a fake video against Amir and threatens Rehan that he will divorce Amir for his well.

Rehaan considers Amir’s well, he decides to divorce, but Amir is still fighting for his love. Amir’s mother tells Rehaan that she pays for the food or use of Rehaan and the other members, so Rehan starts a job as a sweeper as she is a proud girl and does not want to be a burden on anyone, Semre. K’s mother, Suhela learns of Semre and Cavidan’s plans against Amir and Rehaan and decides to tell everything to Amir, but he is hit by a car and killed.

A few days later, Amir finally watches the fake video and Semre is arrested. Thinking she has lost everything, Semre tries to commit suicide by throwing herself in front of a car, but she escapes, runs away from the hospital and once again kidnaps Suna to help Amir and Rehan. tries to burn. This time Suna manages to walk and saves them from taking her life to death. Semare ends up in the mental hospital and exposes Cavidan to the police.

However, no one believes Semare as she has gone insane and to save himself, Cavidan hires a man to give Semare an electric shock to erase everything from his memory. Cavidan plays a new game against Rehan: he hires a girl who pretends to be his lost sister Gulsum and together they plan against him. However, once Rehaan sacrifices himself in place of his fake sister and goes to jail, Gulsum starts helping him.

She gets him out of prison and later when Rehan becomes pregnant, Cavidan tries to kill her child with poison, but Gulsam stops Cavidan from taking the pills and making him sick. When Kavidan learns this, she asks Talaz to help her get rid of her and one of her boys tries to kill both Gulsum and Rehaan.

Gulsum dies to save Rehaan and before closing her eyes she tells him that she is not his real sister. Meanwhile, Semare once again escapes from the mental hospital and returns with a determined memory to kill Cavidan. While Kaividan plans to lock Rehaan in a poisonous godown, she falls into her own trap because of Simre, who overhears her plan, but Talaz saves her.

Meanwhile, Rehan is in danger because of her pregnancy: the doctors tell her that either she or her baby will die and she will not be able to get pregnant again. Amir agrees to have a child for Rehaan. Now you have to watch this web series to know the further story.

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