Tabbar Web Series ( Sony Liv ) Cast Name Review Rating Story Details

Tabbar Web Series is a crime drama series. Its title is in Punjabi, which means ‘family’. This web series lives up to its title hundred percent. Or rather, its title is a true representation of the original spirit of this web series. Because in this too the struggle of a middle class family has been shown.

This family consists of a father, mother and her two children. This family also struggles financially like any normal middle class family. While taking care of her children, she wants to fulfill her dreams through them. Every member of the family works hard for their happiness.

But one day their normal life takes a storm when even a small chance of happiness turns into a nightmare for them within minutes. This is where the real story of the web series begins.

Directed by director Ajit Pal Singh under the banner of Jar Pictures, the web series ‘Tabbar’ is being streamed on OTT platform SonyLIV from October 15. It stars Pawan Malhotra, Supriya Pathak, Gagan Arora, Ranvir Shorey, Sahil Mehta and Paramvir Singh Cheema in the lead roles.

Along with these, the characters of actors like Ali Mughal, Babla Kochhar, Kanwaljit Singh, Nupur Nagpal, Akashdeep Sahir, Taran Bajaj, Nishant Singh, Lovely Singh, Mehtab Virk, Rohit Khurana and Rachit Bahl are also important.

The web series is set on the rural background of Punjab, whose story revolves around a Punjabi middle-class family. There are simple people in the family, children laughing and playing, small dreams of parents, small wishes of children. But one day after an accident in the house, everything changes.

Tabbar Web Series Details

Tabbar Web Series ( Sony Liv ) Cast Name Review Rating Story Details
Tabbar Web Series ( Sony Liv ) Cast Name Review Rating Story Details
  • Title Name: Tabbar
  • Main Cast: Pavan Raj Malhotra Supriya Pathak Gagan Arora Sahil Mehta
  • Genre: Thriller Drama
  • Creator: Harman Wadala
  • Director By: Ajitpal Singh
  • Producer By: Ajay G Rai
  • Story and Screenplay: Harman Wadala Sandeep Jain Mr. Roy
  • Editor By: Parikshhit Jha
  • DOP: Arun Kumar Pandey
  • Music Director: Sneha Khanwalkar
  • Sound Designer: Sanjay Mourya Allwin Rego (Tho Audiopost)
  • Casting Director: Mukesh Chhabra
  • Executive Director: Samir Khurana
  • Make-up Artists: Vijay Shikare
  • Costume Designer: Tasneem Khan
  • Action Director: Sunil Rodrigues
  • Production Designer: Vipin Kamboj
  • Line Producer: Mohan Joshi
  • Production House: JAR Pictures
  • Available On: Sony Liv
  • Total Episodes: 8 Episodes
  • Running Time: Not Available
  • Released Date: 15 October 2021
  • Language: Hindi (Original) Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali and Kannada (Dubbed)
  • Subtitle: English
  • Country: India

Tabbar Web Series Cast

  • Pavan Raj Malhotra: Omkar Singh
  • Supriya Pathak: Sargun Kaur
  • Gagan Arora: Happy
  • Sahil Mehta: Tegi
  • Paramvir Singh Cheema: Lakhwinder Singh/Lucky
  • Ranvir Shorey: Ajit Sodhi
  • Nupur Nagpal: Palak
  • Kanwaljit Singh: Inderji
  • Babla Kochhar:  Suneel Mahajan
  • Ali Mughal: Multan
  • Akashdeep Sabir: Chachaji
  • Nishant Singh: Akki
  • Lovely Singh: Dukki
  • Taran Bajaj: Devpal
  • Rohit Khurana: Pankaj Ahuja
  • Rachit Bahal: Maheep Sodhi

Tabbar Series Story

Onkar Singh (Pawan Malhotra) lives with his family in a village in Jalandhar, Punjab. He is survived by his wife Sargun (Supriya Pathak), elder son Harpreet Singh aka Happy (Gagan Arora) and younger son Tegi (Sahil Mehta). Harpreet Singh aka Happy prepares for civil services by staying in Delhi.

His family wants him to become an IPS officer after passing the UPSC exam. Because his father had to leave his job due to an accident after serving for 12 years in Punjab Police. He wants to remove his son by making him a police officer.

After leaving his police job, Omkar runs a grocery shop in the town. One day Happy comes to his house doing coaching in Delhi. At that time there is an atmosphere of happiness in the house. The family is very happy.

At the same time, a boy named Maheep Sodhi (Rachit Behl) reaches his house and asks him to change his bag. He says that the bags have changed due to the color of Happy and his bag being the same. Happy brings him his bag and gives it. But when the packet of drugs kept in it goes missing, Maheep goes mad with anger.

Takes the whole family to gun point. Amidst the chaos in the house, Happy shoots him. In this Maheep dies. After this it is revealed that Maheep is the younger brother of the biggest politician and businessman Ajit Sodhi (Ranveer Shorey) from that area. After this, Omkar, deciding to keep his son Happy and the family safe, disposes of Maheep’s body and tries to play such a trick so that the incident does not get exposed.

The makers of the web series ‘Tabbar’ have managed to create a very realistic setting ranging from lighting, setup, location, dialogues to background score. The script of the web series affects its depth. All its characters are defined the way they are in the first episode, then they have been kept the same way in all the subsequent eight episodes.

It’s nice to see actor Pawan Malhotra as Omkar Singh as a good human being as well as a devoted father. Despite the rundown dialogues, he shines with his strong screen presence during a few plot twists.

Supriya Pathak is natural in the character of Sargun. Sargun’s character tells the story of a strong woman who loves her family unconditionally. She may be a shy woman, but when it comes to protecting her family, she fights against all odds to protect them. loves her children. Supports her husband all the time.

Similarly, Gagan Arora as Harpreet Singh, Sahil Mehta as Tegi, Rachit Bahl as Maheep Sodhi and Ranvir Shorey as Ajit Sodhi have given excellent performances. After playing the role of a police officer in Sunil Grover’s web series Sunflower, it is interesting to see Ranvir Shorey as a businessman cum politician in ‘Tabbar’.

Pawan Malhotra, who played the role of a Sikh father in Hotstar’s web series Eclipse, is also engaged in something similar in ‘Tabbar’. Gagan Arora, who has been seen in many OTT shows before this, has got a lot of opportunity to show his talent with a gray character in this web series.

Taking full advantage of this opportunity, he has registered his strong presence. Director Ajit Pal Singh, who received the Best Feature Film Award at the 19th Los Angeles Indian Film Festival for his much-loved film ‘Fire in the Mountains’ this year, has also worked according to his name.

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