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Dr. Swati Mohan is an American aerospace engineer. She works at NASA. They are Indian in origin. The “Mars 2020” mission under the leadership of Dr. Swati Mohan has played a very important role in successfully landing the Mars Rover on the surface of Mars (Mars or Red Planet). Not only America, but also India is proud of this unprecedented success.

Biography of Dr. Swati Mohan

Swati Mohan biography

Dr. Swati Mohan was born in the city of Bengaluru, the capital of the state of Karnataka, India. Her parents moved to America when she was just one year old. After that he grew up there and got education. Most of his time was spent in Northern Virginia and Washington DC. Dr. Swati had a childhood dream to become a pediatrician.

She watched a TV show “Star Trek” when she was nine years old. Star Trek had a huge impact on him. A strong desire to know about the universe was awakened in him. After that Dr. Swati decided to get more and more information about the universe and make her career in the same thing further. Therefore, at the age of sixteen, he started his studies with the subject of Physics. Swati Mohan decided to study engineering to pursue a career in space exploration.

Swati Mohan Basic details

  • Real Name: Swati Mohan
  • Nick Name: Swati
  • Profession: airospace engineer
  • Date of Birth: Yet to be updated
  • Age: Not Known
  • Father Name: Mohan
  • Mother Name: Yet to be updated
  • Height: Yet to be updated
  • Weight: Yet to be updated
  • Religion: Hindu
  • Educational Qualification: Graduated
  • Net worth: Yet to be updated
  • Hobbies: Reading, Watching Movies
  • Home town: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
  • Nationality: update Soon
  • Married: Update Soon
  • Boyfriend: Name Yet to be updated
  • Current: City USA

Dr. Swati Mohan’s education

Swati Mohan has a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University. A graduate in science in mechanical and aerospace engineering at Cornell University. After completing his graduation degree, he completed a master’s and Ph.D. degree from Aeronautics and Astronautics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Dr. Swati Mohan’s Work Area

Swati Mohan biography

Dr. Swati Mohan has contributed significantly to many successful NASA missions. She has been a member of the Mars Rover mission at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory since the beginning. GRAIL has also contributed to the pair (a spacecraft flying on the moon) and Cassini (a mission to Saturn).

Achievement of Dr. Swati Mohan

This is the ninth Mars expedition of the US Research Agency (NASA) since 1970, which has successfully landed on Mars (Mars).

The Perception Rover of the March 2020 mission was launched on 30 July 2020. Which took 203 days to cross a distance of 472 million kilometers from our earth millions of miles away. On 30 July 2020, it launched the Mars Perception Rover for Mars. Since then, the US Research Agency (NASA) team was constantly monitoring it.

When the US research agency was watching this whole development. Then a sound was heard from the space agency control room “Touchdown Confirmed”. Which means successfully landed. This voice was not of anyone else but of Indian origin American Dr. Swati Mohan. Which was constantly keeping an eye on the Mars Perception Rover from NASA’s control room. Swati has led Rover’s development of effective control and landing systems. Which was the hardest thing to do.

Dr. Swati Mohan says that it is an honor to work in the field of space research. Working in this kind of environment provides a lot of inspiration. Swati Mohan also says that he had to go through a difficult time of seven minutes while landing the rover on Mars. She said that she was leading the GN&C subsystem (Guidance Navigation and Control Book System and the rest of the project) while commanding the team’s campaign. There is a lot of discussion about the dot on Swati Mohan’s forehead.

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NASA’s Mars Perception Rover successfully landed on the surface of Mars on Friday, February 18, 2021 at about 2:30 pm. This 6-wheeled rover of NASA is now ready to find out about the ancient creatures (billions of years ago) on Mars and new information about its environment.

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