Shiddat ( Disney+ Hotstar ) Movie Cast Name Story Details

Shiddat Disney+ Hotstar Journey Beyond Love is an Indian upcoming Hindi-language romantic drama film directed by Kunal Deshmukh and produced by Bhushan Kumar and Dinesh Vijan under the banners of T-Series and Maddock Films. The film stars Radhika Madan, Sunny Kaushal, Mohit Raina and Diana Penty. And principal photography began in November 2019.

Shiddat completed shooting in March 2020 and was targeting a September 2020 release, but the release was delayed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shiddat is coming on the Over the Top (OTT) platform in October. Sunny Kaushal and Radhika Madan starrer Shiddat is produced by Bhushan Kumar and Dinesh Vijan under production companies T-Series and Maddock Films. It is a musical romance drama film. Music in the film is given by Sachin-Jigar.

The shooting of Shiddat started on 23 November 2019 and completed on March 2020, since then the makers of the film were trying to release the film but due to the corona pandemic, the release date of this romance drama has been rescheduled several times. And finally, it’s premiering worldwide on the streaming platform Disney+ Hotstar.

Shiddat Movie Details

Shiddat ( Disney+ Hotstar ) Movie
Shiddat ( Disney+ Hotstar ) Movie
  • Title Name: Shiddat
  • Genr: Romance
  • Language: Hindi
  • Available On: Disney+Hotstar
  • Release date: 1 October 2021
  • Director: Kunal Deshmukh
  • Star Cast: Sunny Kaushal, Radhika Madan, Mohit Raina, Diana Penty

Shiddat Movie Cast

  • Sunny Kaushal: Khamid Siddiqui
  • Radhika Madan: Imayat Khan
  • Mohit Raina: Zakir Siddiqui
  • Diana Penty: Roshna Ibrahim
  • Diljohn Singh: Marfatia
  • Floriane Andersen: Natalie
  • Bharat Mistry: Kans Mama
  • Chirag Malhotra
  • Gandharv Dewan: Rana Chaudhary
  • Atul Sharma: Suriya Quality Caterer
  • Victoria Malinjod: French Waitress
  • Chris Wilson: French Police Officer
  • Alfredo Tavares: French Police Officer
  • Ben Bradley: Paramedic
  • Guru Haryani: Relative of Mohit Raina
  • Richa Prakash: Airline Passenger
  • Alina Tamara: French Guest
  • Eric Mallett: French Shopkeeper
  • Karl-Martin Rantapelkonen: Policeman
  • Matt Rolls: French Police Officer
  • Soni Marwah: Mehndi Artist Soni
  • Craig Anderson: Crime scene passer
  • David Sullivan: Airline Passenger

Shiddat Movie Story

A young lover with extreme persistence changes the course of his life to follow the girl he thinks is his soul mate. But his travels, spanning continents, are fraught with problems, reality checks, and unrequited obsessions. Will he find love or will he perish in search of love?

By now you know the synopsis and story of this movie, Ab Bari Hai Kis Movie Review – It is love at first sight for Jaggi (Sunny Kaushal) when he sees Kartika (Radhika Madan) coming out of the swimming pool. But the spark doesn’t fly immediately, because an elaborate ‘hate is the first line of love’ process goes like this,

Jaggi is trying every trick in the book to woo the girl. Here’s to some fun, as director Kunal Deshmukh takes us back to a brand of 90s cinema.

Which is played in a modern setting. It’s a bit problematic to see a very motivated young man who is obsessed with a girl and won’t take it for an answer – something that was not only accepted in the 90s but also celebrated with song and dance. ‘Shiddat’ draws dangerously close to her, but thankfully the writers (Sridhar Raghavan, Dheeraj Ratan) give enough agency to the girl,

who is free enough to take a stand for himself. As a passionate love story, ‘Shiddat’ is purely inspired by the point of view of its male protagonist Jaggi, whose frantic passion is given enough time to build up. The entire first half is light and sultry with campus romance, flirting and lots of dancing – basically everything but academic. What works here is the unpredictability factor, as you wonder what will happen to this unlikely love story.

There aren’t many characters in ‘Shiddat’ that are fresh, but their individual arcs could have been more clearly defined. There’s little credence in the Mohit Raina and Diana Penty story that only exists to aid the central story, which is fine, but it doesn’t feel organic. Sunny Kaushal has the toughest time playing a bouncy boyfriend-boy with serious boundary issues and where the actor tries his best to explain it,

At the same time, his character graph becomes very hard to believe. Radhika Madan struggles to effectively portray Kartika’s inner struggle on screen, mostly, resorting to fumbling to express her concern. Mohit Raina is well cast as Gautham, the conscientious Indian immigration lawyer in a foreign land, but has too many cinematic liberties to take him seriously.

Diana Penty as the independent young Ira looks gorgeous, but her character could have been developed more effectively. For a love story, ‘Shiddat’ has above average music (Sachin-Jigar) that grows on you and is used effectively to enhance the narrative. With rich cinematography (by Amalendu Choudhary), the film shows visual finesse.

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