Sasural Simar Ka 2 Update | Simar and Aarav Express Their Love for Each Other

At the beginning of the episode, Simar is stunned to see Aarav in front of him. Then the police comes there and catches Aarav. Avinash asks them to put Aarav in jail. Vivaan tries to save Aarav but Gajendra stops him. He says that today it will be good for Aarav that the police take him away from here. While Reema and Indu ask Simar to complete the wedding round.

Aarav tells Simar that he had made a promise to her and he has come here to fulfill the same promise. Simar remembers that Aarav had promised her that he would always make her happy. Tears welled up in Simar’s eyes. Gajendra asks Simar to ignore Aarav’s words. Samar tells Simar that he had asked her whether she wanted to marry him or not and she had answered yes so now she has to complete the marriage.

Sasural Simar Ka 2
Sasural Simar Ka 2 Update | Simar and Aarav Express Their Love for Each Other

Aarav assures Simar that if Simar comes to him once then no one will be able to separate them. Gajendra angrily asks the police to take Aarav away from there. The police is about to take him away from there. But Aarav still asks Simar to stop the marriage. Because it is his life and if it becomes someone else’s he will not be able to live.

Avinash asks Simar to take rounds. Simar moves on. Aarav asks her to see that he loves her very much. Simar stops and sees Aarav. Aarav pushes the police and says that Simar cannot belong to anyone else as she is his. He walks towards the pavilion. The police caught him again.

Aarav tells Simar that he cannot live without her. It is his soul without which he is incomplete. He says that she is the heartbeat of his and their relationship is the purest and no one can break it. He says that today he has confessed in front of everyone how much he loves her, so now he should believe in her love.

Samar asks Simar to ignore Aarav’s words. He further says that Aarav is doing this because Aarav cannot see him happy. Reema also agrees with Samar and she asks Simar to complete the phera. Aarav was going to Simar but Geetanjali stops him. She asks the police to take Aarav away.

Aarav smiles in front of her. Geetanjali gets angry seeing this. She says that Aarav has become shameless in love. She says that she has fallen in love and there is no chance of her survival. Aarav says now if anyone can save him then it is Simar. And no power can stop Simar from getting it. Geetanjali orders the police to take Aarav away from here at the earliest.

The police tries to force Aarav to run away from there. Aarav asks Simar to confess that she loves him. The police gets upset with his antics and starts beating Aarav. Vivaan tries to approach Aarav but Gajendra stops him. Simar could not see Aarav in pain. She tries to go to Aarav. Reema tries to stop him but Simar pushes her and starts walking towards Aarav. Indu holds Simar’s hand. Simar asks her to leave with folded hands in front of her.

Indu reminds him of the promise he had made to her. But Simar ignores her and goes to Aarav. She then warns the police to stay away from Aarav otherwise it will not be good for them. She says Aarav has not done anything wrong. They both just love each other. Simar sees Aarav and says that she loves him a lot. Aarav hugs her.

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