Salman Khan Starts The New Year With His New Girlfriend

Whenever a festival comes in India or any such occasion comes on which party is held all over the country, the first thing that comes about is the Bollywood film industry. Something similar has happened in this time as well because recently the whole of Bollywood has celebrated the new year, due to which they are being discussed everywhere in the present time.

On the night of December 31, every Bollywood star has had a grand and luxurious party and has welcomed the new year. A similar party was organized by Salman Khan, who is known as the Bhaijaan of Bollywood. For your information, let us tell you that Salman Khan has no shortage of anything. If spoken simply, then there is no shortage of money with Salman Khan.

Salman Khan Starts The New Year With His New Girlfriend
Salman Khan Starts The New Year With His New Girlfriend

This is the reason why Salman Khan has done this year’s New Year party in a very spectacular and stunning way. This is the reason that in the present time, there is talk of Salman Khan everywhere. It is being told that Salman Khan has welcomed the year 2022 with his new girlfriend. Salman Khan has celebrated the new year with his new girlfriend in a very beautiful way. Let us tell you about this New Year party of Salman Khan. Let me tell you that this girlfriend of Salman works as playback singing.

Salman Khan is a very big and famous star of Bollywood. Let us tell you that in the last 5 days, a lot has happened with Salman Khan which has become memorable for him. This is because a few days ago, on the night of December 25, when Salman Khan was having a Christmas party,

He was bitten by a snake, due to which he was admitted to the hospital. After this, on December 27, Salman Khan celebrated his 56th birthday, which is being told as a very beautiful party. Recently Salman Khan has also celebrated New Year. Salman Khan has celebrated the New Year at his Panvel farmhouse. In the celebration of his new year with Salman Khan, his new girlfriend Iulia Vantur was also welcoming the new year together with Tho and Salman Khan.

At present, new year pictures of both are coming out on social media, due to which everyone is talking about the relationship between Salman Khan and Iulia Ventur. Let us tell you further in this article about Salman Khan’s girlfriend Iulia and the relationship between them.

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