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Ryan Kaji is a YouTuber and has a ‘Ryan World’ channel on YouTube, which he started in 2015.His channel has garnered 35 billion views in the last 3 years, according to Forbes, it earned $ 22 million last year.

Social media has given the whole world a new reason to remain mousseroof as well as new ways to earn money. Forbes recently released a list of the highest grossers through YouTube over the past year, with Ryan Kazi, an eight-year-old baby boy at number one, having been paid $ 2.26 million for the channel.

Ryan Kaji biography

Ryan Kaji
Ryan Kaji

Ryan Kaji, whose real name is Ryan Guan, was also number 1 in the list of highest-grossers from YouTube last year. Her channel ‘Ryan’s Toy Review was started by her parents in 2015, when Ryan was just three years old. Everyday Ryan’s innocent pranks and toys were shared on the channel by the joy of opening and playing a toy. At present, the channel has 209 million subscribers.

Ryan Kaji’s YouTube traveling

Ryan Kaji

Ryan’s first video was uploaded in 2015, which was 15 minutes. In the video, Ryan was shown buying a toy train and then bringing it home, connecting various parts of it and driving it with the help of his mother who was making the video. This innocent video was watched by nearly five crore people and little Ryan was on his way to becoming a big star.

Videos of Ryan’s toys ranging from toys to buying and opening a variety of children’s equipment and accessories were uploaded with the title ‘Ryan Unboxed Toys’ and was watched and appreciated by millions of people.

After some time, Ryan’s channel was renamed ‘Ryan’s World’ after objecting to an organization related to consumer affairs. Gradually Ryan’s channel also included educational information about children’s meanings and small science experiments, from which children could learn a lot from home.

Ryan, who stood first in Forbes’ list, has overtaken ‘Dude Perfect’. Filmed by a group of friends from Texas, the improbable feats are carried out and people look at them with their teeth bruised. In terms of earnings on YouTube, ‘Dood Perfect’ came in second place, while third place was Russia’s five-year-old Anastasia Redzynskaya, who earned a total of one billion eight million dollars from YouTube last year.

It is a surprising figure in itself that there are billions of people watching an innocent child in a sports game and then playing with them. Many of his videos were viewed by more than one billion people and his channel, formed in 2015, has received more than 35 billion views so far. His naive mischief has made him a star and his parents a billionaire.

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Top-5 YouTubers Who Have Gone In One Year

  • Ryan Kaji – $ 29.5 million (about Rs 218 crore)
  • Jimmy Donaldson $ 24 million (about Rs 177 crore)
  • Dude Perfect – $ 23 million (about Rs 170 crore)
  • Rhett and Link $ 20 million (about Rs 148 crore)
  • MarkiePyre – $ 19.5 million (about Rs 144 crore)

Ryan Kaji short wiki

  • Full Name: Ryan Kaji
  • Nick Name: Ryan
  • YouTube Channel Name: Ryan’s World
  • Channel Category: Game Review
  • Date of Birth: 06/10/2011
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Study: Unknown
  • Height: (approx.) 3 ′ 9 ″ Feet
  • Weight: (approx.) 32 KG
  • Birth Place: Texas, USA
  • Profession: YouTuber
  • Father Name: Shion Kaji
  • Mother Name: Loann Kaji
  • Marital Status: Single Girlfriend / Affairs Unknown
  • Religion: Christian

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