Robot Part 2 Ullu Web Series Cast Name Review Story Detail

Ullu App  has launched the trailer of its new web series named Robot Part-2, this web series will be released on 31st December 2021, in this web series you will get to see a lot of drama, comedy and romance Robot part 2 of Ullu is a new romantic comedy drama ‘Desi web series’ which has been released in Bhojpuri, Telugu, and English languages ​​including Hindi on the online streaming platform Ullu.

Robot Part 2 Ullu web series shows the story of such a treasure that many people are trying to find it in order to get it. But is there any treasure in that box or not, there is a robot like a beautiful Apsara in it. Robot Part 2 ullu web series has been released on 31st December 2021 on Ullu app and website but you are an adult then watch this web series because this web series is made only for adult people.

Robot Part 2 Details

Robot Part 2 Ullu Web Series
Robot Part 2 ullu web series will be released on 31st December 2021
  • Genre: Science & Fiction
  • Season: 2
  • Language: Hindi
  • Release Date: Dec 31, 2021
  • Director: Raju Desai
  • Available On: Ullu App
  • Origin Country: India
  • Shooting Location: Banner/Production Ullu Digital Pvt Ltd.
  • Cast Name: Rachel Rodrigues Puja Mukherji Worship Khanna Vijay Patkar Navin Bawa

Robot Part- 2 Story

Robot part 2 is the latest web series of Ullu App, it is an Indian Hindi language series, its first season is releasing on Ullu App, its story is about a female robot, you will love this webseries because it has all some comedy romance drama

Robot 2’s story moves on from Season 1. The whole story revolves around a robot. Ullu has quoted this line in the video description. “The doll was lifeless or an ocean of dreams, each one was standing, but someone else was just inside his mind.

Ullu never disappoints the subscriber and always tries to entertain in different ways. After the immense success of the web series Robot Part 1, now Ullu is ready to release Robot Part 2. Robot Part 2 is the sequel to Robot Part 1.

Eagerly waiting for Ullu Subscribers Part 2. Earlier, Ullu Part 2 trailer was released on social media and it went viral after few hours. Actresses Rachel and Pooja Mukherjee are again leading the show and some romantic scenes are being seen in the trailer. If you want to watch Robot part 2 show then go to google play store and download Ullu app and subscribe it. Ullu app is not free so you have to pay for it for different plans.

The story of Robot Ullu web series is the story of a robot girl who is Bala’s beauty and a boy gets that treasure and then how he uses that robot, the same is shown in this web series. This web series is made only for adult people, so if you are an adult then only watch this web series.

Mr. Chaddha, the cunning chief of customs, confiscated a sex robot imported from Bangkok and hid it in the house of his junior Anand. Curious and curious Anand opens the box and finds “Rosie” a half-naked sex robot and her life takes an unexpected turn.

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