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Rajiv Dixit was a great personality of India. He was an Indian social worker. He was a supporter of poor and needy Indians. Been fighting against multinational companies for many years. He was a supporter of Indian independence and strived to spread awareness in the country through the Swabhimaan Movement, Independence Movement and Swadeshi Movement in India. He was a strong believer and preacher of Indianness.

Biography of Rajiv Dixit

Rajiv Dixit
  • Real Name: Rajiv Dixit
  • Nick Name: Rajiv Bhai
  • Born: 30 November 1967
  • Father Name: Radheshyam Dixit
  • Mother Name: Mithilesh Kumari Dixit
  • Birth Place: Allahabad India
  • Education: Graduate
  • Movement: Azadi Bachao Andolan, India Self-respecting
  • Death: 29 November 2010

Rajiv Dixit who died on 29 November 2010 at BSR Apollo Hospital, Bhilai. After which the police sent his body without cremation to his hometown for the last rites. The family members of Dixit also kept on doubting the reasons for his death. The family also contacted the PM office regarding this.

Now the latest news is that in response, soon the PMO is going to send a letter to the Durg Superintendent of Police for the investigation of the case.

A person who, if he had been alive, would have by now become the biggest brand of Swadeshi and Ayurveda in India. Bigger than Baba Ramdev. It is said that Ramdev used to see this person as a rival. This man, whose nationalism was conceived around ‘Swadeshi and Akhand Bharat’.

This was an attempt to change the entire system of India. The man, who saw Jawaharlal Nehru as the country’s biggest enemy, claimed regular talks with celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Hema Malini, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Mamta Banerjee. However, these people never accepted the conversation with Rajiv.

Rajiv Dixit

He used to say that he never fell ill in the last 20 years. Used to cure colds by tying fenugreek seeds on the thumb. He died a controversial death. Now his words are written and monkey is being spoken. The name was Rajiv Dixit.

November 30, 1967. A child was born to Radheshyam Dixit and Mithilesh Kumari in Aligarh, UP, which they named Rajiv. Initial studies were done in the same way as the children of a middle class family in UP. But while doing B.Tech in Allahabad, Rajiv got his motive.

Here, Rajiv started the ‘Azadi Bachao Andolan’ with his teachers and some colleagues. The insistence was to make everything of India indigenous. After doing MTech from IIT, Rajiv worked in CSIR for some time. It is said that during this time he also worked with Dr. Kalam. After leaving here, Rajiv’s life had only one purpose. Service to the nation Its meaning, scale and methods were invented on their own and they continued to do so.

Rajiv Dixit’s Nationalism

Rajiv Dixit

Rajiv believed that the entire existing system of India is a hanger of Western countries, which needs to be changed. According to Rajiv, who gave Macaulay to India’s education system, the Gurukul system is the best for education. The judicial and legal system here is like a photocopy of the law made by the British,

many laws of which are insulting to Indians and should be changed. Regarding the economic system, Rajiv believed that the taxation system of the country should be de-centralized, because this is the root of corruption in the country.

They claimed that 80% of the tax revenue of the country goes to the leaders and bureaucrats. Describing India’s budget system as inspired by Britain, Rajiv used to advise to discontinue 500 and 1000 notes. According to them, Liberalization, Privatization and

Globalization are the biggest enemies of India, who are taking India in a suicidal state. Rajiv used to say that the thinkers of the country did not do enough work in the field of farming, due to which today the farmers are forced to commit suicide.

Foreign companies out of the India

According to Rajiv, an ardent supporter of establishing Ram Rajya in India, the medical system of India needs to be Ayurveda based, because allopathy damages the body and money goes abroad. According to him, foreign companies should not have the right to do business in India,

because this weakens the economy, the country’s money goes out, foreign companies make inferior goods and sell them to Indians and India is being westernized. In their camps, they also distributed leaflets in the names of Indian companies, so that people can know who are Indian companies and who are not.

Promotion of swadeshi

The concept of nationalism of Rajiv, who talks about cow dung making fuel and cow protection, is very similar to the concept of RSS nationalism. After doing M.Tech, he wandered all over the country and propagated Swadeshi. Rajiv, who calls himself a Gandhian,

gave more than 13 thousand lectures, after which he is claimed to have more than six lakh supporters. In his lectures, referring to the glorious history of India, he urged to keep everything indigenous and made many bizarre claims in favor of his point. However, many of his claims proved to be wrong as well.

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Rajiv Dixit and Baba Ramdev

Rajiv Dixit

According to the information about Rajiv Dixit, he came in contact with Baba Ramdev in 2009 and he told Ramdev about the problems of the country and black money etc., which affected Ramdev greatly and both agreed to work together.

went. Both types of information are available on the Internet. Rajiv’s supporters claim that he started the Bharat Swabhiman movement in 2009, while Ramdev’s supporters consider it as his product. Rajiv was in the post of secretary in this trust.

While launching the Bharat Swabhiman movement, Rajiv Dixit and Ramdev swore that ‘we will only vote for skilled people’, ‘We will motivate others to vote 100 percent’, ‘We will make India a world power’, We will make India completely indigenous’ and ‘add intelligent,

honest people to the development of the country.’ Under this movement, Rajiv and Ramdev planned that after connecting people with themselves, in 2014, they will bring good people in front of the country. Will keep the option of a new party and will contest the Lok Sabha elections.

Before the beginning of this movement, programs of both Rajiv Dixit and Ramdev were telecast on the Aastha channel. Both worked together for some time. Both used to come on channels like Aastha and Sanskar,

after which both are said to have a dispute. Some of Rajiv’s supporters claim that Ramdev was frightened by Rajiv’s popularity and then conspired against Rajiv. Rajiv Dixit died on 30 November 2010, which is controversial.

Death of Rajiv Dixit

In the last week of November, Rajiv was visiting Chhattisgarh, where he was to give lectures at different places. After lectures at different places from 26 to 29 November, when he reached Bhilai on 30, his health deteriorated there.

While going from there to the fort, his condition in the car became very bad and he was stopped in the fort. After a heart attack, he was admitted to the government hospital in Bhilai and then shifted to Apollo BSR Hospital, where the doctors declared him dead.

During this time, people and doctors present with Rajiv claim that he was constantly refusing allopathy treatment. People with Rajiv made sensational allegations on Baba Ramdev, which Ramdev flatly denies.

According to Ramdev, he also spoke to Rajiv that day and he told Rajiv that the problem is more, in such a situation, he should take allopathy treatment, but Rajiv does not agree. The matter finally came to a standstill after several days of sobriety.

However, Rajiv’s supporters claim that Rajiv’s body turned blue after his death. It seemed as if they had been poisoned. His supporters also insisted on a postmortem, but he was not listened to.

Also, instead of bringing Rajiv’s body to Wardha, Ramdev’s Patanjali Ashram was taken to Haridwar and he was cremated there. However, after this episode calmed down, Rajiv’s family also never raised the issue again and now they do not even talk about it.

Some claims made by Rajiv Dixit:

  • Rajiv, who did not marry, used to make sentimental claims to get his voice heard.

On the Bhopal gas tragedy in 1984, Rajiv believed that it was not an accident, but a test conducted by the US, in which poor people of India were made victims. Rajiv continued to protest against Union Carbide, the company responsible for the incident for a long time.

Rajiv himself considered the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11 i.e. in America. The Lone Lantern Society in America raised this point and Rajiv supported it.

According to Rajiv, the name of Unilever Company was changed to Hindustan Lever so that Indians could be fooled. Due to the new name, Indians will feel that it is an Indian company and they will not hesitate to buy its goods.

Rajiv claimed that Mamta Banerjee eats beef. It was because of eating beef that Mamata threatened Atal Bihari Vajpayee that if she banned beef in the country or in West Bengal, Mamta Vajpayee government would make her fall.

Rajiv claimed that pigeon juice is added to Nestle Company’s product Maggi and their fat is used. Rajiv used to say that acid is also present in Coca-Cola.

In one of his lectures, Rajiv claimed that Amitabh Bachchan in his conversation with him admitted that his intestine had worsened due to drinking Pepsi, which was later operated upon. According to Rajiv, Amitabh also said that for this reason he stopped drinking Pepsi and promoting it.

In one of his lectures, Rajiv also said that on the invitation of Dharmendra, he had gone to a lecture in Maharashtra, where he asked Hema Malini if ​​she had a bath with Lux. Hema replied that she does not take lux, but takes a bath by rubbing cream in gram flour. Rajiv asked her why she did not tell this thing to the whole country, Hema said that if told, all the women will become as beautiful as Hema.

Rajiv, engaged in Swadeshi propaganda, used to say that after 10 minutes of bathing with soap made from cow dung, the body starts to smell. In olden times, the king used to bathe with cow dung before the yagna and Rama had to do the same. The money will remain in the country due to foreign companies not buying soap.

According to Dixit, America wants to capture Jammu and Kashmir and that is why it gives money to Pakistan, so that Pakistan can thwart terrorism and plague India on Kashmir issue.

Rajiv has a lecture in which he says, “Jawaharlal Nehru, Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Edwina studied in the same college and both were engaged with Edwina.” Edwina was such a clever woman to handle both. Jinnah and Nehru were very light men of character. Edwina had objectionable pictures of Nehru, on the basis of which Nehru was blackmailed and partitioned of India. ”

These claims are among the many claims made by Rajiv Dixit. Many of these claims are controversial and many claims including those related to Jawaharlal Nehru have also been proved wrong.

There are many websites on the Internet in the name of Rajiv Dixit, which are run by different people. Talking on the phone numbers present on these, it was found that they all called themselves Rajiv’s supporters. These websites have videos and audio of Rajiv Dixit and they also sell his books.

Talking to Dinesh Rathore, who runs a website called rajivdixitmp3.com, revealed that he worked with Rajiv’s brother Pradeep from 2010 to 2012 and the two then separated. Regarding sales through this website, Dinesh says that there is not much sales. Whatever happens, only their expenses come out. Nothing else.

The details of his brother Pradeep Dixit have been given on the website named rajivdixit.in, but when he was called, he did not reply. According to Dinesh Rathore, no one in Rajiv’s family now wants to talk about his death or his.

On visiting the website named rajivdixit.net, you will get an invitation to visit Wardha’s Sevagram, where Rajiv’s anniversary is celebrated on 30 November every year. 23 acres of land was provided to Rajiv Dixit to build an ashram in Wardha.

It is told the official website of Rajiv’s trust, on which there is also information about the medical camp to be held in Delhi. However, there is no information about those who run the website on the website.

facts of Rajiv Dixit

If Rajiv Dixit had been alive today, he would have had his biggest indigenous and Ayurvedic brand in India. Larger than Baba Ramdev’s Pantjali.

Rajiv Dixit has also worked with Dr. Abdul Kalam.

Rajiv wanted to drive away foreign companies from India. And wanted to start Ayurveda-based medical system in India.

He used to describe India’s education system as given by Lord Macaulay. According to him, the Gurukul system of ancient India is the best.

Rajiv Dixit used to spend 800 rupees a month only on magazines and newspapers to know the country’s problems.

Rajiv Dixit used to cure his cold by tying Methi seeds on his thumb.

In his life, he had given the speech of more than 13 thousand people and raised the reputation of Swadeshi in the whole country.

According to Rajiv Dixit, 9/11 attack i.e. World Trade Center was attacked by America itself. And the Bhopal gas tragedy was not an accident but an American trial conducted on Indians.

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