Pandya Store Updates | Dhara took a Big Decision to pursue Pandya Store

Episode starts with Anita calling Ravi. Ravi says that Shiva wanted to confess his feelings in front of her, but due to his anger, she changed her mind, so she wants to forget everything and give him a chance. Anita is shocked and says no… to which Ravi is surprised. Anita hides saying that she wants Ravi to confirm first if Shiva loves her, and if she wants to propose to him.

Ravi says he really wanted to propose her, he saw her feelings in her eyes. Anita says its fine and asks for any update about Gautam and Dhara. Ravi says they are fine and they will go to the hospital the next day. Anita asks if Ravi will accompany them to the hospital, to which Ravi says no. Anita persuades Ravi to leave. Ravi says that Anita has changed a lot and gets ready to leave. Anita hung up the phone.

Pandya Store Updates
Pandya Store Updates | Dhara took a big decision to pursue Pandya Store

Anita says that she will take away Dhara’s happiness and then will not allow Shiva-Ravi to unite and for that Ravi will have to come to the hospital the next day. She says sorry sister that she has to do this for her own pleasure and smiles. In the morning Gautam and Dhara seek Suman’s blessings.

Suman asks where are everyone. Dhara says that Dev has gone to the market while Shiva has gone to the shop. Suman asks about Rishita. Dhara says she doesn’t know. Suman scolds Dhara saying that she should know about this as she is the assistant mother-in-law.

Gautam says that Rishita is already angry and if they ask her where she is going, she will get more angry, so they should give her some time. Suman agrees and says that Dhara should do all this as she is responsible for it. Ravi decorates the room to surprise Shiva and locks it. Suman asks Dhara and Gautam to go to the hospital. Krish says autorickshaw has arrived. Ravi reaches there and asks Dhara if she will not take him with her to the hospital.

Dhara becomes happy and hugs Ravi. She says thankfully she is not angry anymore. Ravi says she is still angry, but she likes to be with him, so she is coming. Suman says that it is a good thing that they support each other despite differences. Ravi says that she has always supported Dhara, but Dhara left her. Dhara says that she did not know that this matter would become so serious. Krish keeps saying that the auto is waiting.

Suman asks Ravi why did he lock his room. Ravi makes excuses. Gautam, Dhara and Ravi leave for the hospital. Suman gets suspicious on Ravi’s actions. At the hospital, Kamini asks Anita not to be afraid and says that she has the photocopy of Dhara’s film, so she has Dhara now.

Anita sees Gautam, Dhara and Ravi in ​​the hospital and hides with Kamini. They leave with files and phones. Shiva was thinking about Ravi in ​​the shop. Shiva says that he himself is the villain of their love story.

Shiva prays to God to replace Ravi like before, who loves Dhara and family, so he will never let her go away. Krish calls Shiva and tells that Dhara, Gautam and Ravi have left for the hospital. Shiva gets happy and hangs up the phone. He hallucinates Ravi there. She says that she has come to see his happy face.

She calls him to come closer to her. Shiva follows Ravi and they play. A little sand plays in the background. Shiva grabs Ravi and tries to kiss her. Dev slaps Shiva and takes Shiva out of his imagination.

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