Pandya Store Today Update 28 oct Upcoming A New Twist

In today’s episode of Pandya Store, you all will see that Gautam is with Dhara in the hospital and the nurse is preparing to inject Bhara, when Dhara tightly grabs Gautam’s hand and the doctor diverts Dhara later. She gives injection, then

Gautam says that we have to reach our house soon because today is the best couple competition and we need to be there and saying this, Dhara and Gautam leave the hospital, Dhara is going alone in anger, Gautam follows her. goes back

 Pandya Store Today Update 28 oct Upcoming A New Twist
Pandya Store Today Update 28 oct Upcoming A New Twist

And tells to Dhara that why the earth is running so fast now whether you should get injection or not and then by going home we have to prepare for the best couple competition, only then the stream says till you tell me the truth, till then I will not be in any competition.

I will not participate, Gautam says Dhara, I told you that yesterday I was with the doctor, then Dhara says now what do I know, the way you taught Anita the bandage, you must have taught this doctor to you, tell you to the doctor Given that the doctor’s hormones are going up and down

So please tell a lie and seeing your face, anyone will have mercy on you. Gautam explains to Dhara that at the time of Ramlila, a lot of our family has already been sent, if we do not participate in this competition, then

we will start reading more talk, please just obey me, it doesn’t say anything, then you do kites. I agreed, Dhara would have gone there without saying anything, only then Gautam says, “Look, I will win this competition and make your mood completely right.”

She calls Suman Ghuga in the house and asks her to get well dressed and tells her that you should look most beautiful in today’s competition, even more than her because Ravi is beautiful then you will look more beautiful than her.

Only then will everyone’s eyes be on you and especially Shiva and I can convince everyone to participate in this competition with you Shiva, only when Suman is talking to Disha, the earth hears it and gets shocked.

And after that Dhara goes to Ishita and tells about Suman’s plan and Dharar tells Ishita that we have to somehow stop Disha from getting into this competition when Rishita says that Ravi misunderstood Anita.

And that’s why I feel that if I ask Anita Di to stop Disha, then everything will be fine and the misunderstanding between Ravi and Anita will also be cleared.

At the same time, Anita is getting ready for the competition and says that Gautam cannot get a better partner than me, today I should have been with Gautam instead of Uttara, but it doesn’t matter that from next year

I will be with Gautam only. Ishita comes there but seeing Ishita, Anita gets shocked and thinks in her mind that if Anita has not listened to her then Sita comes to Anita and praises her and then tells Anita

I need your help, today Disha has to be stopped by any means coming in the competition. Anita thinks in her mind that if I want to come in this family then I have to be nice to everyone and then Anita agrees and says okay

I will do your work, Rishita is very happy to hear from Anita and Rishita hugs Anita. She says thanks and leaves from there. Rishta who comes home after talking to Anita sees Shiva sleeping on a cot in the courtyard.

Then Hrishita tells Shiva what happened, why was he not even ready, only then the relationship says that I am ready. What does it matter sister-in-law I wear whatever but Rishita tells Shiva to get ready for Ravi. And after that all the

Pandya families get ready to go to the competition, only then Suman comes there and says that if you guys lost in this competition today and the trophy does not come to our house then see.

I will not allow anyone to enter the house, then Ravi tells Suman that it will not happen that the trophy will come to our house only then Suman says why are you speaking in the middle, you will not participate in this competition with my direction and the same Shiva’s wife.

Only then the stream says, but now Shiva’s wife is Ravi, nor is the mother Suman angrily looking at Ravi and says to Dhara, daughter of the fugitive, don’t splurge too much, otherwise I am refusing to go into the competition.

Here, as soon as she sees Anita’s direction is coming, Anita deliberately spoils Isha’s face and dress by pouring curd in a bowl. But after that Disha tells Disha that your dress got spoiled, let’s go to our house with me and clean your address and your face and at the same time you will also see Ravi’s house, Disha agrees and with Anita goes to her house. Here Krrish begins the competition

The same Suman is wondering where this direction is left, while Hardik tells the police to start the competition quickly, then Dhara brings Ravi to Suman and asks Ravi to participate in the competition with Shiva and says Now if the direction does not come, then only

Ravi will participate in the competition with Shiva, because Ravi is Shiva’s first wife. But coming to the side, Ravi tells Dhara no, I will not participate in this competition with Dhara, when Kaki does not want to, then only Dhara says

Well then why are you so ready, let’s stop your drama, get ready by competing quickly, here Kris calls all the couples one by one, first Gautam and Dhara are called Gautam and Dhara come on stage and after that Dev And calls Hrishita, here

Anita brings Disha to the room and asks her to clean her face and then slowly locks the room from outside, only then Krish calls the third pair Shiva and Ravi. Ravi and Shiva come on stage. Huh

Just then Suman thinks that Ravi went with Shiva because Disha did not come, where was Disha left and here Disha is repeatedly knocking on the door so that someone should open the door and with this the end of today’s episode becomes the same tomorrow.

In this episode, you all will see that both Shiva and Ravi are standing, then Disha also comes and she also comes and stands next to Shiva, so all this will happen in tomorrow’s upcoming episode.

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