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Pandya Store Serial Cast At the beginning of the episode, Shiva said that he could die with Ravi but would never leave him alone. Ravi is shocked and starts thinking about the incident. Shiva picks up Ravi and leaves the temple. Ravi was unconscious. Suddenly a wall collapses in front of Shiva, they both fall. Ravi regained consciousness and started worrying about Shiva. Ravi extended his hand towards Shiva and asked him to accompany him. Suddenly the roof fell on Shiva and Ravi.

Ishika went to Mukteshwar and told herself that she could not stop loving Dev. Ishika finds Anita unconscious in front of the temple. Ishika started crying. Dev said that they are trapped. Shiva and Ravi got buried under the stones. Ishika asks the two men to help Dev and everyone out of the temple. Shiva tries to stand up, but he cannot stand. Kris and Dev also got stuck in the stones. Suman tells Dhara that her sons were divided without informing her and that Dhara broke her trust.

Shiva asks Ravi to stay strong and says he will do something. Ishika looks for Dev. God was unconscious. Ishika spoke crying and tried to wake her up. Ishika hears Krish’s voice. Both the men ask Ishika not to get close to Krish. Ishika says that she will save Kris, as his family is more important than anything else. Gautam said that Dhara divided the family just to bring them closer to each other. Suman says that Dhara breaks the family bond and her relationship with Suman has also ended.

Ishika finds Krish and helps him to get out of the temple. Ravi fainted. Shiva tried to wake her up and started crying. Dev asks Krish where are Shiva and Ravi? The two men again ask Ishika to leave the temple. Ishika says that she will somehow save both the members of her family. Shiva started singing the song “Kal Ho Na Ho” for Ravi. Ravi says Shiva sings wrong song again. Shiva asked Ravi to open his eyes and try to come out of the heap of stones, but she could not.

Pandya Store Serial Details

Pandya Store Serial
  • Serial Name: Pandya Store
  • Main Cast: Kinshuk Mahajan and Shiny Doshi
  • Genre: Drama
  • Director: Pradip Yadav
  • Producer: Sunjoy Waddhwa Komal Sunjoy Waddhwa
  • Story & Screenplay: Shilpa Choubey Sushil Choubey
  • Dialogue: Raghuvir Shekhawat
  • Editor: Janak Chauhan
  • DOP: Santosh Suryavanshi
  • Music: Sargam Jassu Nakash Aziz
  • Project Head: Sumit Dubey
  • Creative Director: Aman Jain Dharmi Chheda Kashvi Sharma
  • Production House: Sphereorigins Multivision Private Limited
  • Channel Name: Star Plus
  • Online VOD: Disney + Hotstar
  • Show Timing: Monday to Saturday at 7:30 pm
  • Running Time: 20-22 Minutes
  • Starting Date: 25 January 2021
  • Repeat Telecast Time: 10am (Monday to Saturday)
  • Language: Hindi
  • Country: India

Pandya Store Serial Cast Real Name

  • Kinshuk Mahajan: Gautam Pandya
  • Shiny Doshi: Dhara Pandya
  • Kruttika Desai: Suman Pandya (Gautam’s mother)
  • Pallavi Rao: Prafulla (Gautam’s aunt)
  • Krunal Pandit: Jagat Narayan (Prafulla’s husband)
  • Akshay Kharodia: Dev Pandya (Gautam’s brother)
  • Mohit Parmar: Krish Pandya (Gautam’s brother)
  • Kanwar Dhillon: Shiva Pandya (Gautam’s brother)
  • Alice Kaushik: Raavi Pandya (Shiva’s wife)
  • Simran Budharup: Rishita Pandya (Dev’s wife)
  • Shyaam Makhecha: Hardik (Dhara’s brother)
  • Vandana Vithlani: Kamini Fui (Rishita’s aunt)
  • Jovian Fernandes: Young Dev Pandya (Gautam’s brother)
  • Swaranim Neema: Young Krish Pandya (Gautam’s brother)
  • Harminder Singh: Young Shiva Pandya (Gautam’s brother)
  • Shrashti Maheshwari: Anita
  • Mohit Sharma: Jignesh (Anita’s father)
  • Farukh Saeed: Darshan Pandya (Gautam’s father)

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