Paagal Movie Cast Name Review Story Details

Paagal is a Telugu Movie. Which is being directed by Naresh Reddy. Releasing on 14th August 2021. And you can watch this movie in theaters. Let us know what is the gist of this movie – the protagonist is on a mission to find love. He looks for a woman who will love him as much as his mother did.

When he is barely a teenager, he goes with balloons to the nearest girls’ school. And expresses his love to every girl who comes in his way.

By the time he became an adult, he had expressed his love to about 1600 women. And the makers of this movie thought it was cute, or funny, or both. It’s one thing to tell the story of a boy who loses his mother and yearns for love and another turns it into a quirky romantic drama.

After his restrained portrayal of an investigative officer in HIT (2020), Vishwak Sen gets to play Prem, a flamboyant romantic hero who can tell jokes, dance and shed tears. But it is difficult to take seriously his character or intentions in the story which becomes stranger as he progresses.

Paagal Movie Details

Paagal Movie
  • Title Name: Paagal
  • Directed by: Naresh Kuppili
  • Produced by: Bekkem Venugopal
  • Starring: Vishwak Sen Nivetha Pethuraj Simran Choudary Megha Lekha
  • Cinematography: S Manikandan
  • Edited by: Garry BH
  • Production companies: Sri Venkateswara Creations Lucky Media
  • Release date: 14 August 2021
  • Running time: 138 minutes
  • Country: India
  • Language: Telugu

Paagal Movie Cast Name

  • Vishwak Sen: Prem
  • Nivetha Pethuraj: Theera
  • Simran Choudhary: Sofie
  • Megha Lekha: Radha
  • Murali Sharma: MLA Raja Reddy
  • Rahul Ramakrishna
  • Mahesh Achanta
  • Indraja Shankar
  • Bhumika Chawla

Paagal Movie Story

In Paagal Movie Hyderabaad, her search for love becomes almost nil, so someone says with love that women in Vizag are very responsible. – Love like the sea, or something like that. In the next scene, Prem is in Vizag.

One woman who falls into the traditional framework, another who fits the stereotype of using a man like an ATM – all become part of Discover. The protagonist’s friends led by Mahes Achanta and Eve Teaser led by Rahul Ramakrishna become tools for lying along the way.

A friend presents the notion that a simple Jane would easily fall for a handsome guy (I didn’t make it up) and soon, Prem is wooing a fit woman. There is a wave of body shaming comments coming from friends and Eve Teaser.

To calm this love affair, Prem and the woman talk loudly. Because – hold your breath – that’s how romance happens in Mani Ratnam’s film.

As if that wasn’t enough, the romantic quest moves towards a potential MLA, played by Murli Sharama. There is a strange stalking under the guise of comedy and no, he is not gay.

The Indian boy and his mother’s issues is a story like time. When it comes to boys and on-screen characters in real life you must have often heard the saying ‘Amma la chuskovali’.

Why someone would want their partner to be a carbon copy of their parents is a mystery only they can solve. It helps that the characters here have painful pasts.

Which at least explains their issues. Naresh Kuppili not only explores the pure love between a boy and his mother, he takes it a step further. And turns it into finding this kind of love in a person.

But is it enough to make a 2 hour-18 minute long film? Prem (Vishwak Sen) lost his mother (Bhumika Chawla) to cancer young life. The boy who was always (sometimes literally) protected by the pallu of his sari.

Suddenly he finds himself facing harsh reality. Still sad years after his death, he suggests finding a girl who will love him unconditionally the way only his mother did.

Desperate to once again feel that warmth and comfort in a secluded world, he sets out on a quest in Hyderabad and Vizag that takes him through women of various shapes, sizes and ages. There is even a politician named Raazi (Murli Sharma), whom he seduces like any other lover, though not for the reason you think.

Pagal is a hyper-pulled yet quirky love story with a vulnerable story that guides you through it. There are girls for whom Prem jumps off trains and for others he screams in the street because Mani Ratnam movie is fantasy that needs to be fulfilled.

And despite going the extra mile, the man just isn’t able to catch a break. He even makes it a full-time job to woo girls and still they always find ways to break his heart. Maybe not chasing them like a 90s movie would help?

Where his whole trope is calling everyone out as his boyfriend repeats after a while, Naresh takes it a little further, making jokes at fat-shamed normal looking people and calling them ‘ugly’. Also homophobic dialogues that seem confusing between homosexuals and eunuchs. It’s 2021 – time to put that search engine to good use and get educated.

Although nuts have redeemable properties. Despite the problematic tropes, the film never takes itself too seriously and neither do you. Forget the film, even love never takes itself too seriously.

Takes away his pain and watches until he finds what he needs. Sometimes you even laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. Ending on a cliff-hanger just before interval, the film takes an emotional turn in the second half and makes you wonder if you signed up for it. .

Nivetha Pethuraj’s character Thera brings some much-needed emotional weight to the film and proves by climax that she is as crazy as our boy – it’s a match made in heaven.

There’s even an old-school dating, no-touch-hugs-kiss clause. Vishwak also really gives his all, to live and breathe his character. After a while he is just Prem on-screen. The chemistry between these two is sweet and adorable.

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