Neeraj Chopra Proposes Famous Dancer for Marriage

Neeraj Chopra

Neeraj Chopra, this is a name that all Indians would know in today’s time. This is because Neeraj Chopra is none other than the one who has won the gold medal for India in the recently held Tokyo Olympics. Due to this, in the present time, all the people are talking about them and know them very well. Talking about Neeraj Chopra, he has done a great job by winning the gold medal to India, due to which he has illuminated the name of the country of India all over the world.

The name of the game in which Neeraj Chopra has won the gold medal for India is Javelin Throw. This game is also known as the art of throwing javelin in the native language. Talking about Neeraj Chopra, everyone is talking about him at the present time.

Neeraj Chopra

This is because a video of Neeraj Chopra has surfaced in which he says that he is still eagerly waiting for his true love. Not only this, but Neeraj Chopra is also seen posing for a girl in this video. Let us tell you which girl has come to Neeraj Chopra’s heart and how he has expressed his love in front of everyone.

The whole of India knows Neeraj Chopra in today’s time. This is because he has won India the gold medal in the Olympics. Because of this, the whole country knows Neeraj Chopra in today’s time. These days Neeraj Chopra is very much dominated on social media, due to which everyone is talking about him. This is because a video has surfaced in which Neeraj Chopra is proposing a girl for marriage.

Something happened that Neeraj Chopra was invited as a guest on Dance Plus, which is considered to be India’s biggest dance show. In the meantime, Neeraj Chopra, in front of everyone on the stage, proposed the show’s captain, Shakti Mohan, for marriage by sitting down on one knee, that too in a very native style. Further in this article, let us tell you what was the answer given by Shakti Mohan to this purposal of Neeraj Chopra.

A video of Neeraj Chopra has been quite viral these days, in which he expresses his love in front of the judge of a dance reality show Shakti Mohan. Neeraj Chopra of Hua Kuch went to the show as a guest. During this, he was telling that he is still waiting for his true love.

Meanwhile, dancer Shakti Mohan asked Neeraj Chopra to propose her, due to which Neeraj Chopra lovingly proposed Shakti for marriage, due to which Shakti immediately said yes to Neeraj Chopra, while Neeraj Chopra said all this to Shakti. Did it only when told. But one thing is clear from this that everyone is crazy about Neeraj Chopra’s beauty and innocence.

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