Naagin 5 Cast Real Name Salary Story Serial Details

The story of two different worlds is being seen in Naagin 5. This time the story of the enmity between the eagle and the serpent has been successfully presented. Which will be face to face for Naagmani in the coming time. The eagle and the serpent have got the boon to assume human form.

This was followed by an interesting fight between the best Naagin Hina Khan Akash Dheeraj Dhopar and Hriday Nag Mohit Malhotra. Now the serpent has returned to take his revenge on the eagles. Bani Surbhi Chandna Jai ​​Mohit Sehgal and Veer Sharad Malhotra are taking this story forward after being reborn after thousands of years.

In the story of Naagin-5, Surbhi Chandna and Veer Sharad Malhotra have come to know about their true form. However, the suspense still remains that he has not come to know the reason for his rebirth. From the previous story to the present,

Bani is trying to avenge the murder of her friend Veer Akash as enemy. But Veer has already fallen in love with Bani though Bani is pulling towards Jai. In a few glimpses of Naagin-5, Jai is shown to be the unfulfilled love of Bani’s previous lives. At the same time, even in this birth, the eagle ie Veer is sitting in love with the serpent Bani.

Naagin 5 Serial Details

Naagin 5 Cast
  • Serial Name: Naagin 5
  • Main Cast: Surbhi Chandna Mohit Sehgal Sharad Malhotra Dheeraj Dhoopar Mohit Malhotra Hina Khan
  • Genre: Supernatural, Drama
  • Concept: Ekta Kapoor
  • Producer: Shobha Kapoor, Ekta Kapoor
  • Production House: Balaji Telefilms Pvt Ltd.
  • Channel Name: Colors TV
  • Show Timing: Saturday and Sunday at 8pm
  • Running Time: 40-45 Minutes
  • Starting Date: 9 August 2020
  • Language: Hindi
  • Country: India

Naagin 5 Serial Cast Real Name

  • Surbhi Chandna: Bani Sharma
  • Mohit Sehgal: Jay Mathur
  • Sharad Malhotra: Veeranshu “Veer” Singhania/Teer Singhania
  • Hina Khan: Naagin Nageshwari
  • Mohit Malhotra: Naag Hriday
  • Dheeraj Dhoopar: Cheel Aakesh
  • Shivani Gosain: Ritu Sharma (Bani’s step-mother)
  • Kajal Pisal: Adhira Mathur
  • Parag Tyagi: Balwant Singhania (Veer’s father)
  • Aishwarya Khare: Meera Sharma (Bani’s step-sister)
  • Anjani Kumar Khann: Bani’s father
  • Kamaal Malik: Mahaguru
  • Anjum Fakih: Noor
  • Simran Mahendrawal: Naina (Abhishek’s Love)
  • Kiran Bhargava: Dolly Mathur (Jay’s grandmother)
  • Gaurav Wadhwa: Gautam Mathur (Jay’s brother)
  • Dinesh Mehta: Pawan Singhania (Balwant’s younger brother)
  • Surabhi Mehra: Meher Sharma (Bani’s step-sister)
  • Aahna Sharma: Keher Sharma (Bani’s step-sister)
  • Mehak Ghai: Aarohi Mathur
  • Aakash Talwar: Taapish Singhania (Balwant’s son)
  • Shreyas Pandit: Pandit
  • Utkarsh Gupta: Pankaj Singhania (Pawan’s son)
  • Joshna Mudvari: Naagin

After the failure of Naagin 4, Ekta Kapoor has once again returned with a new season of her hit series. As Ekta Kapoor had already assured in a video on her social media that the fifth season of Naagin will not disappoint the viewers.

That’s exactly what happened because Ekta Kapoor has started wooing the fans through Naagin 5. There have been only a few episodes of Naagin-5 and they are getting tremendous love from the audience. This time from the script in the fifth episode of Naagin, popular stars have been launched in the show.

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