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Naagin 3 is an Indian fantasy drama series produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor under the banner of Balaji Telefilms. It is a weekend show that airs on Colors. The serial is currently making its third season appearance in the lead roles with Surabhi Jyoti, Anita Hasanandani, Pearl V Puri and Rajat Tokas.

On 1 November 2015 the first season ended on 5 June 2016, after airing 62 episodes. It starred Mouni Roy, Arjun Bijlani, Ada Khan and Sudha Chandran. Season 1 of Naagin became one of the highest-rated shows on Indian television at the time. It was replaced by Sho Kavach Kali Shaktimaan.

The second season of Naagin premiered on 8 October 2016 and ended on 25 June 2017 after airing 75 episodes. This season also saw Mouni Roy, Karanvir Bohra, Ada Khan and Sudha Chandran in the lead supporting roles as Aashka Goradia and Kinshuk Mahajan. It was replaced by the serial Chandrakanta.

The third season premiered on 2 June 2018. It stars Surabhi Jyoti, Anita Hasanandani, Pearl V Puri and Rajat Tokas in the lead roles, with Karishma Tanna in a guest appearance. This season earned a 4.9 TRP rating and a total of sixteen million impressions in its launch week.

Naagin 3 cast name

Naagin 3 cast name and images
  • Surabhi Jyoti (Season 3) – Bela / Ruhi
  • Pearl V Puri (Season 3) – Mahar Sehgal
  • Anita Hasanandani (Season 3) – Visakha aka Wish
  • Rajat Tokas (Season 3) – Vikrant
  • Mouni Roy (seasons 1, 2 and 3) as Shivanya and Shivangi in dual roles. Both are the resizing snake women or the serpent serpent.
  • Arjun Bijlani (seasons 1 and 2) as Rajkumar Hrithik Singh and Raja Sangram Singh in dual roles. Both father and son are of Suryavanshi dynasty.
  • Adaa Khan (Seasons 1 & 2) – Baani aka Ruchika / Takshika
  • Sudha Chandran (seasons 1 and 2) – Yamini Singh Raheja
  • Aashka Goradia (Seasons 1 & 2) – Rani Avantika
  • Karanvir Bohra (Season 2) – Rocky Singh, Takshak-Raj (King of Takshak Dynasty)
  • Kinshuk Mahajan (Season 2) – Rudra

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Naagin season 1 star casts

Naagin 3 cast name and images

Shivanya and her cousin Shesha are female shape-changing serpents, or Ichhaddhari Nagin, who seeks to avenge the death of Shivanya’s parents. There were five murderers, but Shivanya was able to see only three of them: Ankush, Viren and Shailesh. He killed Shivanya’s parents in an unsuccessful attempt to obtain a precious gem with magical powers called Nagamani.

To avenge her, Shivanya enters Ankush’s house as a young woman. Ankush’s son Hrithik, a kind and cheerful youth, later falls in love with Shivanya. Upon finding out about Hrithik’s feelings for her, Shivanya marries him to avenge him.

Later, she kills Viren and Shailesh; Shivanya and Shesha also kill Ankush’s friend Suri, when Shivanya learns from Shesha that Suri is the fourth killer.

Shivanya soon realizes that Hrithik is indeed a good person, and he is unaware of his father’s evil deeds. Shivanya eventually falls in love with him, much to Sesha’s disappointment, who thinks that Shivanya will not kill Ankush because of her love for her husband Hrithik.

Later, it is revealed that Ankush’s wife Yamini is the fifth murderer, and that Hrithik is his nephew. Yamini and Ankush kidnap Hrithik’s real father Sangram Singh, as only Hrithik and his father could touch Nagamani due to the scar on his body.

Shesha starts falling in love for Hrithik due to her loving and caring nature; However, she does not let her emotions affect her actions. After learning about Sesha’s feelings for Hrithik, Yamini, who finds out that Shivanya and Shesha are the shaping serpent, leads Sesha to betray Shivanya.

This makes Shesha an enemy of Shivanya, due to Sesha’s passion for Hrithik and Nagamani. Shivanya manages to kill Ankush; However, Hrithik is witness to this, realizing that Shivanya is a serpent, and together she begins to love and hate him.

Hrithik soon learns the truth of Yamini’s badness, and together with Shivanya protects Nagamani. Shivanya and Hrithik attend their wedding, leaving Shivanya losing her powers.

However, he and Hrithik succeed in rescuing Nagamani and killing Yamini, while Shesha is imprisoned by a Mahishmati named Avantika and Vikram. The season ends with Shivanya becoming pregnant.

Naagin Season 2 Star Cast

Naagin 3 cast name and images

Three months after the events of the first season, Shivanya gives birth to a healthy baby girl, Shivangi, despite being six months earlier.

25 years later

Shivanya Shivangi, a widow, does not want her to become the Ikadhari serpent to protect Nagamani. A saint tells Shivanya that Shivangi can be avoided by getting married before she turns 25. Rocky falls in love with Shivangi, Sesha’s fiancĂ© and Yamini’s adopted nephew. Unaware of Rocky’s relationship with Yamini, Shivangi arranges for him to marry Shivangi.

On the wedding day, Sesha, Yamini, Avantika, Kapalika, Vikram, Amar, Manav and Nidhi kill the wedding guests and badly kill Shivanya. Yamini informs Rocky of the deaths, blaming them on the robberies. Rocky feels heartbroken.

The saint informs Shivangi, who escapes from Yamini’s gang, about Shivanya’s life, and tells her that only she can touch Nagamani.

She sees the faces of the murderers, including someone he considers Rocky. Shivangi attempted suicide; However, she survives and becomes a serpent. She vows to protect Nagamani and avenge her mother.

A few days later, it is Rocky and Sesha’s wedding day. Shivangi comes to Rocky’s house to get revenge. Everyone is shocked to see him alive; However, Yamini and Sesha accept her, with Shivangi being the only one who can touch Nagamani, and Yamini marries Shivangi to Rocky.

On the day of Karva Chauth, Nidhi, Shivanya’s 8th murderer attacks Shivangi. Rocky saves Shivangi, which makes him realize that Rocky is innocent. Later, Shivangi kills the remaining Shivanya killers.

Sesha and Yamini learn that Shivangi is a serpent, and he killed all of Shivanya’s killers. Shivangi transforms Shesha into an idol and kills Yamini. Shivangi learns that Yamini, Mahendra (Rocky’s father), and Manjuha (Tanya’s mother) and Ranveer (Tanya’s father) are killed by Hrithik in the family of Rocky’s friend Tanya;

Also, they want Nagamani. Rocky turns into Icchadhari Naag (a male version of Shivangi) on his 27th birthday. Rocky helps Shivangi to kill all of Hrithik’s killers. Rocky later unnecessarily stings Shivangi.

Suddenly, Hrithik (Shivangi’s father) who is now revealed to be alive is the one who told Rocky that he did the right thing that he followed his orders and killed Shivangi. Shivangi had to die. This season ends with this.

Naagin 3 Season 3 Cast

Naagin 3 cast name and images

Naagin 3 Cast: Shivangi dies without knowing why her father and husband cheated on her by plotting to kill her. However, she vows to return to get her revenge.

Elsewhere in another mansion Roohi – Another serpent, having the ability to change shape after a hundred years of penance, dances under the moonlight in the joy of her much-awaited union with her lover Vikrant.

However, Yuvi’s son Yuvi and Aadi, along with business tycoon Andy Sehgal, Yuvi’s friends – Rehan, Daksha, RJ (Yuvi’s brother-in-law) and Karan (Yuvi’s family manager) arrive there and mistreat Ruhi and rape her. Attempts, while Vikrant incarnates his serpent to scare them, but an agitated Adi shoots Vikrant who is believed to have died.

Roohi vows to tag-along-first, Bultu, Anu and Mahar along with 6 murderers (Yuvi, Adi, Karan, Daksha, Rehan and RJ) to avenge her lover’s death. With Shiva’s blessing, Ruhi performs a ritual and strips off her skin to obtain her new identity, Bella, in order to avenge her.

What follows is Bella’s quest to avenge her attack and slowly begins to know the true face and intentions of those around her as she herself becomes the queen of her clan and finds true love in the adept . Bella’s close friend, Vishaka (a scarlet shaping snake woman) helps her avenge her hundred-year-old lover Vikrant’s death. Vishaka enters the Sehgal family as a wealthy businesswoman.

She kills Yuvraj aka Yuvi and Karan who slips into a coma and dies in the hospital. Then Bela and Visakha together kill Rehan. Bella is married to Mahir with whom she falls in love. But despite her falling in love, she tries to keep herself away from him and tries to kill him but fails repeatedly. Bella hates Mahir’s younger sister Kuhu and Kuhu’s best friend, Anu, who thinks

That something was wrong with him. Later, when Bella and Maheer and their family go out and spend their nights in a hotel, Anu (Rehan’s younger sister and Kuhu’s best friend) falls in love with a highly skilled snake, Shaan, who It is believed at first, a business man but who later becomes a snake-mole

who wants to marry Bella. Bella encounters “Stree” who arrives there to kill Daksha, but who later leaves after Bella’s advice. Daksha is murdered by Bella. Shaan, whose real name is Shahnawaz, tries Bella but is later killed. Vikrant later returns as Yuvi, who was thought to have escaped from Gettin.

Now Bella finds out that Vikrant wants her to kill an innocent and that is why she was acting as if he had died but in reality he was hiding somewhere. Bella, by now, was thinking that Mahira was about to shoot Vikrant. Bella tells Vikrant that she never loves him and her true lover was adept.

Bella marries Vikrant and Vishaka and goes back to her lover. Later, Bella realizes that the vultures (Girdas) have attacked the Nagas and that she must save the people of her Nagaloks. At first, the surroundings looked very powerful.

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