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Women often have to deal with minor criminal incidents along with big crimes in the society. Some women reveal such small incidents while many women remain silent. And if many such small incidents are handled by the team of Ladies Police, then such crime can be stopped to a great extent.

Sony SAB is bringing its new show with some such message. Whose name is madam sir…. This comedy show will start on 24th February at 10 pm on Sony SAB channel.

In this, four police officers of the women’s police station will try to reduce the crime in their unique style. Its director is Heeman Chauhan and dialogues are written by Lawrence while story writer and creative producer is Priya Mishra.

Set against the backdrop of Lucknow, ‘Madam Sir’ depicts four female police officers, Haseena Malik (Gulki Joshi), Karishma Singh (Yukti Kapoor), Santosh Sharma (Bhavika Sharma) and Pushpa Singh (Sonali Naik). All these Aminabad women solve the cases in their unique style after coming to the police station. A lot of shooting of this show has also been done in Lucknow.

The star cast of the show was exposed to the media in Mumbai. In this, Gulki Joshi, playing the character of SHO Haseena Malik, said that this show will not only entertain the audience but will also give a message to the people. In this, his character is that of a police officer who wants to solve crime with passion.

Yukti Kapoor, who plays Inspector Karishma Singh, told that her character is that of a strict police officer. Those who want to control the criminals with rhythm and punches. On the other hand, Bhavika Sharma, playing the role of constable Santosh, told that her character is that of a bubbly policeman. While Sonali Naik, playing the character of Head Constable Pushpa Singh, turns out to be a kind hearted cop who believes in helping everyone.

Police officers gave training, spent many hours in the police station
The star cast was trained by a female police officer for this show. Along with studying a lot, many movies were shown. And he spent many hours in the women’s police station for a long time, after which he came to know about the working of the police.

The special feature of this show is that Yukti Kapoor, who is playing the second lead role of Inspector, is a resident of Rajapark, Jaipur. And even before that he has worked in many serials.

Madam Sir Show Details

Madam Sir Cast
  • Show name: Madam Sir
  • Start Date: 24th February 2020
  • Produced By: Jay Productions
  • Channel: SAB TV and Sony LIV

Real Name Madam Sir Cast And Role Name

  • Hasina Malik Gulki Joshi S.H.O
  • Karishma Singh Yukti Kapoor Sub Inspector
  • Santosh Sharma Bhavika Sharma Constable
  • Pushpa Singh Sonali Naik Head Constable
  • Sunny Chadhdha Jatin Arora News Reporter
  • Cheetah Chaturvedi Priyanshu Singh Constable
  • Parvati Shruti Rawat Recurring Cast
  • Samir Ankur Panchal Hasina’s Suitor
  • Billu Champat Ajay Jadhav Criminal
  • Virus Shetty Jr.Adi Irani Recurring Cast
  • iqbal Miyan Ashwani Rathore
  • Ananya Tahseen Shah Recurring Cast
  • Jaya Preeti Shukla Recurring Cast
  • Kamlesh Pandey Farzil Pardiwalla Recurring Cast
  • Pammi Pandey ..Recurring Cast
  • Angad Acharya Sudesh Berry Recurring Cast
  • Misri Pandey Esha Kansara Sub Inspector
  • Murali Mukesh Chandel Recurring Cast
  • Dr. Vikas Rishikesh Ingley Doctor
  • Ajay Kumar Manoj Chandila Superstar
  • Vijay Chauhan Amit Mistry Anita’s Husband
  • Anita Chauhan Urmila Tiwari Vijay’s Wife
  • Rang Rasiya Baba Firoz Khan Baba
  • Fake Madam Sir Divyangana Jain
  • Fake Hasina Malik
  • Fake Karishma Singh Mahi Sharma
  • Fake Karishma
  • Fake Pushpa Singh Shefali Rana Duplicate
  • Fake Santosh Neha Tiwari Duplicate
  • Savitri Bhardwaj Pallavi Pradhan Chotu’s mother
  • Chotu Jahaan Arora Savitri’s son
  • Lallan Atul Kataria Twin brothers
  • Kallan Shailen Kataria Twin brothers
  • Radha Myra Singh Child singer
  • Anu Moukthika Sharma Radha’s sister
  • Neelam Amita Choksi Radha’s mother
  • Gauri Tarka Pednekar Asthana’s sister
  • Babita Sarkar Vaishali Thakkar Head constable
  • Nancy D’Silva Mahi Sharma Victor’s wife
  • Victor D’Silva Pranay Dixit Bakery owner
  • Musa Pawan Kumar Singh Gangster
  • Anubhav Singh Rahil Azam DSP
  • Kuldeep Shrivastav Hemant Choudhary Police Commissioner
  • Mallika Tejal Adivarekar Karishma’s maid
  • Mahipal Singh Govind Khatri Maddam Sir’s uncle
  • Genda rani Hunar Hale Mahipal’s wife
  • Mansi Swasti Katyal Mahipal’s daughter


Madam Sir cast

What is the real name of Inspector Hasina Malik

Gulki Joshi played the rodoes the repeat telecast of SAB TV Madam Sir serial come?

Madam Sir Searial Timing

The repeat telecast time of Madam Sir serial is Mon-Fri at 10 PM and 4:00 PM.

What is Name Madam Sir serial produceder

Madam Sir serial is produced by Kinnari Mehta under the banner of Jai Productions.

madam sir Man sab tv casts Name

The cast of Madam Sir of SAB TV includes Yukti, Bhavika, Gulki Joshi, Sonali Naik and more.

What is the real name of Sub Inspector Karishma Singh in Madam Sir serial?

Sub Inspector Karishma Singh’s real name is Yukti Kapoor.

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