Kuruthi Movie Cast Name Story Review Details

Kuruthi Movie The movie marks the debut of producer Manu Warrier (Coffee Bloom) in Kuruthi (Amazon Prime). Apart from Roshan and Prithviraj, the film also stars Murali Gopi, Shine Tom Chacko and Shreena. And it is set to premiere on August 11 on Amazon Prime Video.

Kuruthi Movie Amazon Prime Movie is not a message-driven film, but Roshan hopes that after witnessing the physical and mental struggles of the characters, the audience will have something worthwhile to take away at the end of the film.

Kuruthi Amazon Prime Movie has no intention of conveying any message. Because the thought comes only when we put ourselves on a pedestal, ‘Hey, we know everything. We are going to tell you what is the right thing to do. Every character in Kuruthi is extremely flawed. No character has the right to give any message to anyone.

When asked if Kuruthi Movie has a lot of philosophical intrigue, Roshan dismissed it. “It is a purely action thriller,” he said. But, there is more to the film than the action.

There are definitely a lot of layers. You have all the elements that are needed in an absolutely gripping action film. We’ve tried to make it as entertaining as possible because that’s what matters. And that was the intention when Aneesh wrote it. Hope the movie entertains you, but it won’t be empty either

Kuruthi Movie Details

Kuruthi Movie
  • Title Name: Kuruthi
  • Directed by: Manu Warrier
  • Written by: Anish Pallyal
  • Produced by: Supriya Menon
  • Starring: Prithviraj Sukumaran
  • Cinematography: Abinandhan Ramanujam
  • Edited by: Akhilesh Mohan
  • Music by: Jakes Bejoy
  • Production company: Prithviraj Productions
  • Distributed by: Amazon Prime Video
  • Release date: 11 August 2021
  • Running time: 122 minutes
  • Country: India
  • Language: Malayalam

Kuruthi Movie Cast

  • Roshan Mathew: Ibrahim aka Ibru
  • Prithviraj Sukumaran: Laiq
  • Mamukkoya: Moosa Khader
  • Murali Gopy: S.I. Sathyan
  • Shine Tom Chacko: Kareem aka Kammu
  • Srindaa: Sumathi aka Suma
  • Manikandan R. Achari: Preman
  • Navas Vallikunnu: Umar
  • Naslen K. Gafoor: Rasool
  • Sagar Surya: Vishnu

Kuruthi Movie Story

Kuruthi Movie Rithaviraj Sukumaran’s ‘Kuruthi’ begins with a man trying to escape from the shackles of another man. A figure sitting on the bumper of a jeep looks at the scene opening in front of him and then the lights go out.

This scene gives the audience a sense of what lies ahead in the film. Ibrahim (Roshan Mathew) leads a normal life in Erattupetta, Kerala with his wife Zeenath, daughter Zuharu, his father Musa Khadar (Mamukoya) and brother Resul (Nasleen).

Ibrahim lost his daughter and wife during a landslide in the village. The wife of their neighbor Preman (Manikandarajan) also dies in the landslide.

One year progressed rapidly and the whole village is suffering from the grief of losing loved ones in the disaster. While Preman has started drinking, Ibrahim (Ibru) is unable to sleep with the memories of his family.

which haunts him every day. Hebrew every moment questions his faith and does not understand why his wife and daughter were taken away from him so early in life. Preman’s sister Sumati (Srinda) helps Ebru from time to time with household chores like washing clothes and feeding the family.

The good thing about Malayalam movies is that apart from the topical stories are told in a unique way how interesting personalities and quirks are given to the side characters. And so much in Kruthi Movie, that you almost didn’t notice that Taare didn’t make an appearance till the 45th minute.

Story and screenplay by Anish Pallill and directed by Manu Warrier, the film is a gripping thriller, set in a house for over 24 hours, and surprisingly, deals with the communal dynamics in the country.

Ibrahim of Roshan Mathews has lost his wife and daughter in a landslide caused by Kerala floods. His Hindu neighbor, Suma, is played by Srianda, and his brother also lost family members.

Suma, who helps with household chores at Ibrahim’s house, where her elderly father, portrayed by Mamukoya, and her younger brother live, pressures Ibrahim to marry her. She says that she is ready to convert if he is stopping her, and that she will continue her faith quietly inside the house.

Meanwhile, the small town is talking about the murder of a Muslim shopkeeper by a Hindu store assistant and that night while the men are waiting for Suma’s dinner, the brothers have another fight with their elderly father. Let’s do it, there is a knock on the door. This is a frenzied SI played by Murali Gopi,

Who has brought the killer in handcuffs. His jeep and civil police officers were stopped on the way by Muslim ‘terrorists’ who want to lay their hands on the killer, so in this cut-off area, he wants to stay in this house for the night. Suma, who comes with dinner, is also stuck there, open hostility and tension in the air.

The young assassin and Ibrahim’s brother Rasool, played by Naslain, argues not about how right one side is but how the other is wrong, even as SI Satyan keeps a tight grip on the situation. And elderly Moses, who is ridiculously clueless, but wise nonetheless. He has some great lines,

Like when he promotes the SI about burying multiple bodies when he works as a driver for a landlord, and when his embarrassed son tries to lock him up, he responds quickly. , “Why? Are you going to put me in jail sir? It’s fine, at least I’ll get food on time.” He had already argued with Ibrahim about not getting dinner.

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