Karan Johar Spoke Big About Bollywood Stars Know The Whole Thing

Karan johar

Karan Johar is a very big and famous man of Bollywood, whom the whole Bollywood knows in today’s time. Talking about the Bollywood film industry, there are many such people in this film industry who have earned a lot of name in their life. Karan Johar is also one such actor of Bollywood, whom everyone knows in today’s time and he has a big name in the Bollywood film industry as well.

Tell about Karan Johar, he is a big director of Bollywood. Not only this, it is said for Karan Johar that there is no one bigger than him in the whole of Bollywood. Not only this, but Karan Johar also has his own production house named Dharma Production House. This production house of Karan Johar is the biggest production house of Bollywood, due to which he has a big name in today’s time.

Karan johar

Karan Johar recently made a big statement about the new stars of Bollywood, in which he has spoken a lot about the fees of these new stars. He says that the new stars who are coming in today’s time take a lot of fees to do the film, but they become zero as soon as they come on the screen. Let us further tell you in detail about this statement of Karan Johar in this article, what he has said for the new stars.

Karan Johar has a big name in the world of Bollywood, due to which everyone knows him very well in today’s time. Talking about Karan Johar, he has no shortage of anything in today’s time, due to which he likes to spend his life very well. During a recent interview, Karan Johar has spoken a lot about the fees of new stars of Bollywood.

He says that the heroes of Bollywood these days charge a lot for a film but do not do the work at all. He means to say that he takes so much money for the first film as if he is a big star. Due to which Karan Johar said that today’s stars have zero on screen in acting and take crores of money. Speaking similar sentences, Karan Johar reprimanded him a lot.

Everyone knows Karan Johar very well in today’s time because he has earned a lot of name and respect in the Bollywood world. In today’s time, it is said for Karan Johar that if he puts his hand on someone’s head, then he becomes a superstar because there is no one in Bollywood as big as Karan Johar.

Karan Johar has recently asked some new stars of Bollywood that he charges crores of rupees in the beginning but still his films flop. After this, Karan Johar also said that he charges fees as if there is a very big star but still there is zero in terms of acting on screen.

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