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Kaka singer biography if you work hard to achieve your goal with honesty, nothing can stop you from being successful. One such winning example is Punjabi singer Kaka.

Kaka is a Punjabi singer, song writer and music producer. Kaka has achieved everything he has achieved today on the strength of his hard work. Kaka’s songs are trending on every social media platform. Now is the time when a singer was famous only when a big company gave him a chance to sing. In today’s time, you can easily reach your talent on the social media platform.

Kaka Ka Kaha Len De song became very viral and people are giving a lot of love to this song. In today’s post, we will give detailed information about Kaka (Punjabi Singer) Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Family & more. We will introduce you to the story of their struggle and we will tell you some unheard facts about Kaka in this article.

Kaka Punjabi Singer

Kaka singer biography
  • Real Name: Kaka ji
  • Nick Name: Kaka
  • Date of birth: 1996
  • Birth place: Chandumajra, Patiala, Punjab
  • Height: 5′ 8” or 172 cm
  • School: Government Public School
  • College: Punjab Institute of Technology, Rajpura
  • Qualification: B. Tech Mechanical Engineering
  • Father Name: Unknown
  • Mother Name: Unknown

punjabi Singer Kaka was born in 1996 in Chandu Majra village of Patiala. He completed his schooling from a government school in Chandumajra village. Kaka was very fond of writing and singing since childhood. He used to sing songs in his school program.

Most Viewed Songs of Kaka

  • Kale Je Libaas Di: 290 Million
  • 2020 Temporary Pyar: 212 Million
  • 2020: Keh Len De: 94 Million
  • 2020: Teeji Seat: 70 Million
  • 2020: Tennu Ni Khabran: 26 Million

Kaka Songs

  • 2020: Dhoor Pendi: Yaarvelly Productions
  • 2020: Tennu Ni Khabran: Yaarvelly Productions
  • 2020: Keh Len de: Single Track Studio
  • 2020: Kale Je Libaas Di: Single Track Studio
  • 2020: Temporary Pyar: ft. Adaab KharoudSingle Track Studio
  • 2021: Teeji Seat: Yaarvelly Productions
  • 2021: Dhund Di Khushboo: ft Adaab Kharoud Saregama Music

After completing his schooling, Kaka went to Rajpura and completed his graduation in mechanical engineering from the Punjab Institute of Technology. After that, understanding the family’s condition, he started looking for a private job. He had to face rejection for the job many times.

kaka keh len de song

Kaka got a job where he started earning 25000 rupees. He collected money from his job and got his song recorded. His first song was Surma, this song came in the month of November of 2019. This song was made by Kaka with his friends, but there was no specific response to this song.

Kaka then worked on his singing and in the year 2020, he recorded a song titled Keh Len De, which he released along with music company haani records. This song was released and went viral, due to this song Kaka started being discussed. More than 10 lakh people saw this song on the first day. And in today’s time, there are millions of views on this song.

After this song Kaka released two more songs Teeji Seat and Veneer. Kaka’s veneer song became even more viral. And this song reached trending on YouTube. After this, he released another song called Temperry Pyaar, this song was also liked by the people. After one super hit song, Kaka started getting offers from many music companies, but Kaka refused all. It is said that he will always go to the songs written by him.

Kaka temperry pyaar song

Today’s Kaka has reached such a stage on the strength of his skill and hard work, where today everyone wants to work with Kaka.

kaka (Punjabi Singer) History / Early Life

Talking about Kaka’s personal life, Kaka belongs to a poor family and is fond of singing them since his childhood! Recently, he has gained a lot of fame in the punjabi industry and every person has got his song crazy.

Kaka’s father is a mason. Before coming to Punjabi industry, Kaka also worked as an auto driver. Kaka has a brother in the house besides his parents who works in a private job. His brother has a young daughter. His village is derived from Chandomajra!

Kaka (Punjabi Singer) has 5 songs so far, out of which two videos have also come out which is very good. Their song (Temprary Pyar) which is going on in the headlines is trending since yesterday. Are giving People are appreciative of Kaka’s hard work!

Kaka (Punjabi Singer) Amazing Facts

Kaka (Punjabi Singer) loves traveling, he loves to roam!

Kaka (Punjabi Singer) also smokes, loves to drink and his favorite drink item is Signature which he loves very much

He first got fame from his song “Keh Len de” which is a very famous song and even now his followers are very much the same song on everyone’s hearts!

Kaka (Punjabi Singer) is very fond of writing songs, he says that nobody should give their songs to anyone, they should do everything by themselves!

Kaka (Punjabi Singer )’s father is a mason who works. Kaka also used to work as a driver earlier.

Kaka (Punjabi Singer) is very fond of tattooing, although he does not have a tattoo on his body. Kaka is also fond of gym!

Kaka singer
Kaka singer
Kaka singer
Kaka singer
Kaka singer

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