Jamtara Sabka Number Aayega Series Cast Name Salary Detail

Jamtara Sabka Number Aayega district of Jharkhand. Fishing Hub. Means to get details of their account fraudulently by calling unknown people, then transfer money from their account to your account. So this was the biggest source of income of Jamtara district. From 2014 to 2018. The web series ‘Jamtara – Sabka Number Aayega’ tells a fictional story based on the same true events.

The ten episode web series has been released on the online streaming platform Netflix on January 10, 2020. Each episode is an average of 28 minutes.

Jamtara Sabka Number Aayega Story

Jamtara Sabka Number Aayega

Sunny and Rocky. My brother Two big and emerging faces of fishing going on in Jamtara. Rocky’s dream is to become a politician and Sunny’s dream is to earn a lot of money from fishing. Sunny marries Gudiya Singh, an English teacher from his own coaching institute.

So that by opening an English call center and making more and more unknown people a victim of phishing. But the doll is no less ambitious. She has to go to Canada and she also keeps Sunny dominating.

Due to their dreams, both the brothers get caught in the clutches of criminal MLA Brajesh Bhan. At the same time, the distance between the two reaches the level of enmity increasing. On the other hand, a young SP Dolly Sahu is posted in Jamtara so that she can unravel the fishing net. In the midst of all this are the victims from the cities of India to the villages, who are not aware of their being robbed till the phone is disconnected.

Jamtara Sabka Number Aayega Series Details

  • Title Name: Jamtara Sabka Number Aayega
  • Main Cast: Sparsh Shrivastav Monika Panwar Aksha Pardasany
  • Genre: Crime, Drama
  • Director: Soumendra Padhi
  • Writer: Trishant Srivastava
  • Production House: Click on RM Production
  • Editor: Jubin Sheikh
  • DOP: Kaushal Shah
  • Casting Director: Vibhu Gupta Vikas Pal
  • Casting Director: Pampa Biswas
  • Colorist: Kaushal Shah
  • Executive Producer: Ajit Andhare Manish Trehan Sarita Patil Kanchan Mahathe
  • Creative Producer: Asim Shaan
  • Sound Designer: Manas Choudhari
  • Available On: Netflix
  • Total Episode: 10 Episodes
  • Running Times: 26-28 Minutes
  • Released Date: 10 January 2020
  • Language: Hindi
  • Subtitle: English
  • Country Origin: India

Jamtara Sabka Number Aayega Series Cast

  • Sparsh Shrivastav: Sunny Mondal
  • Monika Panwar: Gudiya Singh
  • Aksha Pardasany: SP Dolly Sahu
  • Amit Sial: Brajesh Bhan
  • Dibyendu Bhattacharya: Inspector Biswa
  • Anshuman Pushkar: Rocky
  • Sarfaraz Ali Mirza: Ponto
  • Vijaylaxmi Mishrikoti: Varsha
  • Puja Jha: Rocky’s Girlfriend
  • Asif Khan: Anas Ahamad
  • Lata Shukla: Gudiya’s Mother
  • Shruti Bhattacharya: Sunny’s Mother
  • Vishwa Bhanu: Sunny’s Father
  • Udit Arora: Saurav
  • Aatm Prakash Mishra: Bachhu
  • Harshid Gupta: Bachha
  • Rohit Kp: Munna
  • Kartavya Kabra: Shahbaaz

The most important thing about the web series is the acting of its characters. The actor who plays the master in a small scene also impresses you with his acting. Most of the people doing phishing are youths of ‘Jamtara’. Like Sunny’s age has been told as 17 years. In this way, those who play these characters are also young. But these youths do not prove nineteen to any seasoned actor with their acting.

Even among all these youths, Sparsh Srivastava, who plays Sunny, shines like a pole star in every frame. Anshuman Pushkar, who became his cousin Rocky, is no less amazing. The acting of Monica Pawar, who plays Gudiya and the rest of the children / youth, also looks quite natural. Everyone has caught the accent and the Bihar/Jharkhand Mannerism too well.

The amazing acting done by Amit Sial in ‘Inside Edge’ is the extension of Brajesh Bhan’s character in ‘Jamtara’. The hard work he has put in making his character natural, it seems to reach the audience.

Another beautiful feature of the series is the color template of the frames. Which is very successful in giving the series a premium as well as a thriller look. The third good thing about the series is the depiction of an underdeveloped village like Jamtara. Whether it was done through sets or through cinematography.

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