Imlie Serial Written Update 6 August After all what will happen in the serial

Dev returns home after calling Malini and asks Anu where Malini is after returning from the hospital. Anu says Malini is where she needs to be. Adi takes Malini to Tripathi House. Tamarind opens the door, emotionally hugs her and asks if she is fine and why did she try to commit suicide again after promising not to.

Seeing Malini, Aparna and Radha emotionally hugged her. Harish asks how is she now. Malini nodded, she is fine now. Rupali asks why did she come here instead of going to her parents’ house. Dev tells Anu that Malini is his responsibility and he needs her love and support.

Anu says Malini needs Adi the most and goes to her house, Tripathi like Malini and soon Malini will be inside the house and Devi’s illegitimate child Tamarind will be out. Adi tells the family that Malini will stay with them till he recovers and asks Tamarind if she has any problem. Imi asks why is it asking.

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Imlie serial written update

Aparna says why is he taking Tamarind’s permission. Adi says he is asking his wife’s opinion as her spontaneity is important to him. Harish asks why did he not take Malini’s permission when he brought Tamarind home or took her permission before marrying Tamarind. Adi says he forcefully married Imli at gunpoint, he should have informed Malini himself and made a mistake, he doesn’t want to do the same mistake again. He takes Malini inside.

Anu tells Dev that she wants Adi to rectify her mistake and is worried for her daughter’s happiness, but does not know what Dev wants for his illegitimate daughter. Dev shouts that by doing this he will not get the Mother of the Year award. He believes that whatever happened to Malini was wrong and she tries to move on, but even after hating the Tripathis, she pushes Malini back.

Anu says she hates Tripathi, but what can she do when her daughter falls in love with the middle class people. Dev shouts that she is using Malini to take revenge on Mithi and Imli, but that will foil all her plans and proves to be a good father figure for Imli. Tamarind takes Malini to guest room and says that she will keep her happy and will take great care of her.

Adi turns back seeing him. Malini remembers that Adi brought Imli home and entered like new bride and groom and thinks she didn’t know that Imli is Adi’s first wife, mother is right that she didn’t fight for her right and thinks whether she will take Adi back if she follows the advice of the mother. he is sleepy. Adi runs and catches him and gives his hand.

Rupali gets furious in front of Nishant and Pallavi and says that she doesn’t know why Adi brought Malini here. Nishant says maybe Adi thought he would be better taken care of here. Pallavi says that she used to feel weird earlier too, but now she thinks like Nishant. Rupali says she doesn’t know why Anu sent her here, she has no problem with Malini’s presence but she worries that Aparna’s hopes will rise and she will try to sideline Tamarind more.

Tamarind sees Aparna making tea for Malini and expects Tamarind to be out once Malini settles down. Adi takes Malini to the guest room. Malini says she became a burden on him. He says that she is his friend. Aparna along with Radha brings tea for Malini. Radha says that it was nice to see them together again. Adi warns him to stop remembering the past when he and Malini go ahead and ask about Tamarind. Aparna says she doesn’t care where she is. The original tongue whips him too.

Malini tells Anu over phone that Adi took care of her after a long time and she is feeling well, Anu’s idea worked and she would follow his advice. Tamarind comes inside and says if she doesn’t mind taking care of him then she will sleep in her room. Malini asks her not to interfere in his privacy and sleep in her room.

After Tamarind leaves, Anu asks Malini where she is staying. Malini says guest room. Anu asks why not in Adi’s room as she is still Adi’s wife and she should let Tamarind take away her right like Mithi took away my right. Malini asks how is it possible. Anu explains her plan. Malini goes to Adi’s room and asks about Imli. Adi says that Tamarind is adamant and wants the family to accept her as the daughter-in-law and vows not to stay in her room till then.

Malini looks at the wall and says that it looks empty as their wedding picture was posted there earlier. Adi says that he will completely transform the room and fix a picture of him and Tamarind there, build a book shelf for Tamarind in the other wall, a temple for Tamarind in one corner, and make a temple by Tamarind. Gayi will show the sketch of his and Tamarind’s wedding.

Malini says that he is talking only about tamarind even without her presence. He says that she will definitely come here someday and will win the hearts of the family. Malini thinks that Tamarind has made a place in Adi’s heart, so Maa’s plan will fail and she will not get Adi’s love back.

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