Imlie 9 Jan 2022 Update | Will End Aditya And Imlie’s Relationship

Imlie 9 Jan 2022 Update This week started when Malini returned the Imlie stuff to him and taunted him. Imlie also says that her bond with Tripathi will never break despite her separation from Aditya. Imlie shocked Aryan by making a sudden meal. Arpita sends Aryan to the kitchen to help Imlie. Aryan asks Imlie if she is behaving normal.

Imlie teases her and asks her to cut onions. Rupi taunts Malini for trying to perform the post-wedding rituals. Malini gets advice from Anu to use Aryan and Imlie to make Aditya jealous. Malini pays Aryan fifty lakhs so that he comes to Tripathi’s house for dinner with Imlie.

Aditya gets shocked seeing Imlie and Aryan in the house. He pretends in front of them and performs post-wedding rituals with Malini. Aryan also gives a stern reply to Malini and Aditya when they try to insult Imlie. Malini feeds Aditya with food which hurts Imlie and she eats chillies to prove that she is not jealous of him.

Imlie 9 Jan 2022 Update
Imlie 9 Jan 2022 Update

Aryan stops her from overeating and he tells Malini not to waste their time or else he will ask for more money. Later Aditya questions Imlie why did he send her divorce papers if she doesn’t love Aryan. Imlie denies this and Malini reveals that she had sent divorce papers to Aditya. Imlie tells Aditya that he has gone mad that he is accusing her without any reason.

Aditya tells her that he has many questions and he has to answer them. He was broken seeing her with Aryan in the hotel room. Imlie says if he saw Aryan touching inappropriately or he saw them together on the bed then why is he doubting her character. He had given her a chance to speak when he found Malini and her together in his room. But he didn’t give her any room to explain anything, just believed Malini’s words.

Aditya asks her why then her article was published on the front page. Imlie loses his cool and says that whatever he has achieved so far is because of his ability and not by spending the night with anyone. Imlie questions Aditya that Aditya’s thoughts have become very dirty. Aditya says if he has no feelings for Aryan then why did he send her divorce papers.

Imlie says that she never wanted a divorce from him. He did not divorce her. Malini comes and says that she sent him divorce papers, she realized that the same was true for both Aditya and Imli. Aditya gets shocked hearing this. Imlie asks Aditya what he would like to say now as Malini has proved that she is the reason for their separation. Malini says that before they misunderstand her again, she wants to clarify that she was happy when Aditya was happy.

Aditya was trying to patch up with Imlie, but he saw Imlie and Aryan in the hotel, so he thought that Aditya would not tolerate it and Imlie starts to love Aryan, but she directly divorces Aditya. Because she is traditional and Aditya is also very ethical so he will not talk about divorce. Thus Malini sent him the papers as their relationship was already over. He didn’t force them to sign the papers, he did it on his own, proving that they wanted a divorce.

Imlie says that Malini provoked her husband and separated them. She does not love Aditya but wants to control him. Malini silences him saying that Imlie has no right to question her love for Aditya. She has been in love with him for almost ten years and has remained faithful to him. She will not see any Aryan. To fulfill his responsibility, Aditya married her and did the same for the child. He did not force Aditya to marry her.

Imlie smiles saying that Malini is just manipulative and she asks Aditya to say something and Aryan tells Imli to go back to work. Imlie asks Aryan to give him some time. Aditya says he will not say anything. Imlie is shocked and says that she is happy for him and Malini. Aditya does not want to see Malini’s mistake again. She gets angry and leaves. Imlie asks Aryan to tell him something that will shock him so that he forgets his pain.

Aryan asks her that he is her boss and not friend. She can’t get what she wants from him. Imlie gets upset. Aryan tells about his achievements that he was runner up in Mr India contest, he is rich and a true achiever. He is the owner of companies etc. Imlie laughs hearing about his Mr. India achievement.

She mimics him and laughs. Aryan thinks that Imlie is happy in the end but Aditya will soon get punished for his deeds. Imlie concentrates on work and Aditya tries to talk to her for five minutes.

Aryan allows Imlie. Imlie asks Aditya that he is not interested if he wants to taunt her again. Aditya says that Malini did him wrong by sending him divorce papers but they signed it. Imlie says that she never wanted divorce but Malini assures her. Aditya tells Imli to quit the job if she doesn’t love Aryan. Imlie clearly says no to Aditya as she is free only because of Aryan and he asks her to face her fear. Tripathi expressed his gratitude to Imlie for everything he had done for him.

Aryan reveals that Aditya has to go to the footpath to take the interview. Aryan says that Aditya is more experienced than Imlie so he can handle this assignment better. Imlie requests Mithi to take care of Aditya in the footpath. Malini tries to accompany Aditya but Aditya stops her. Dulari instigates the villagers to attack Aditya as he divorces Imli. There Aryan scolds Imli for going to meet Aditya again. Imlie tells that she had only gone to give him the research paper. Malini accuses him of forcing Aditya to take a risk.

Mithi saves Aditya from the wrath of the villagers. Imlie was confident that Aditya will complete the mission but Aryan feels that Aditya will not be able to come back after completing the mission. There Malini was ready to attend the launch party of Bhaskar Times so that she would know whether the Imlie trail was gone or not. Mithi protects Aditya and tells the villagers not to harm him. Because of this they have to face the displeasure of the villagers. Imlie checks the live feed of the interview and Aditya asks tough questions to the terrorist and receives threats from him. Imlie worries for Aditya

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