Imlie 10 Jan 2022 Written Update | Imlie Attended The Launch Party

Imlie 10 Jan 2022 Written Update. The episode begins with Imlie sitting upset remembering the demands of the terrorists. Aryan asks her to come with him, Imlie asks why. Aryan says that his mother told him about the launch party of Bhaskar Times. He has to go to the party. Imlie says that she wants to work in the office. Aryan holds her hand tightly and says that she cannot disobey her boss, it is his order that she has to join the party.

Imlie is shocked and gets injured. Aryan frees her and she looks sad. Aryan holds her hand and takes her from there. Chandlal asks Aditya to celebrate with him after the interview. He also praises her for not being afraid of terrorists. Aditya says that he will stay at the guest house for a few days and he refuses to celebrate.

Imlie 10 Jan 2022 Written Update
Imlie 10 Jan 2022 Written Update

Chandal insists on him and he agrees. Imlie asks Aryan why Aryan is forcing her and he looks at her angrily. Imlie panics and then she shows her a strange fitting box that depicts what a perfect daughter-in-law should look like. Aryan says that there should not be any specific criteria to be the best daughter-in-law. Imlie says that she agrees with him and so she says that she wants to write an article on the subject.

Aryan allows her and she becomes happy. Aryan thinks that Imlie should always smile like this and stop missing Aditya. Tripathi attends Rathod’s launch party and Narmada happily welcomes him. Aparna asks about Imlie and she comes in salwar. Rupi and Aparna praise him. Imlie taunts Malini saying that Malini is a danger sign. Rupi says Malini was overly excited to join the party, Imlie should be extra careful.

Anu comes to the party surprisingly and Narmada tells that she did not invite her. Anu says that she and Malini are Aryan’s customers so they came to wish him well. Anu taunts Imlie saying that she is a freeloader and is living in such a big mansion. Aryan supports Imlie saying that she pays him rent and he is not doing her any favors. His mother has taught him not to disrespect his guest, so he doesn’t want to. Malini tells him that she is getting bored as Aditya is not here.

Stops from leaving and makes him drink more alcohol. He says that no one can touch them or harm them. Malini wonders why Aditya is not answering her calls. Imli makes fun of her and wonders how Aditya is and calls Mithi to know. Malini thinks that she knows that Imli will definitely call Aditya. The light goes off and Aryan makes an announcement. He asks Imlie to sing a song which shocks him.

Imlie says Roopi should sing as she is not a good singer. She gets furious at Aryan for declaring his name. Aryan reminds her of her singing twice in the office and again in the kitchen. He says that he has already announced her name and he should not disrespect her. She asks why he didn’t hire a singer. Tripathi also asks him to sing. Aryan gives her the mic and tells her that she can sing however she wants. Imlie remembers Aditya and sings Zindagi, not angry with me.

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