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Hindustani Bhau is a very popular internet personality. He is a YouTuber by profession and hindustani bhau real name is Vikas Fhatak. But people like him in the name of Hindustani Bhau, let’s know who Hindustani Bhau is and how he became so popular on YouTube

Hindustani Bhau is an Indian YouTuber who uploads abusive content and abusive videos on his YouTube channel. Vikas Fatak (real name) was born on 7 August in Mumbai, India. For his primary education, he attended St.

Andrews High School, Mumbai. For his higher education, Bhau enrolled at St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai and received his bachelor’s degree. His zodiac sign is Leo. There is no information about his parents and siblings.

There have been many times in the last 10 years that a person using the social media will be very popular in the work time. People can be a comedy video of Priya. Bikash Jayaram Pathak, known as Hindustani Bhai, also started getting Prio due to some similar wedge. Where he started a YouTube video to teach the mausoleum to the people who raised the voice of the country.

biography of Hindustani Bhau

Hindustani bhau
Hindustani bhau

In the video, Hindustani Bhai’s language was wrong but his intension towards the country was absolutely right. And perhaps his audiance also found his quality very good. The reason why his audiance uncovered his content was with him. And soon they were loved by people all over the country.

The popularity of the people grew so much that later on the show on Big Television, the makers of the show Bigg Boss approached Hindustani Bhai to call the show. And at the moment he has also become a part of this show. Where his dream audiance is very much liked.

And since this time many of you are requesting comments on our YouTube channel, Hindustani also wrote a post on the story of Jibni. And this is the reason that today these videos have been brought for you. In which we will tell the entire story of the life of Hindustani brother ie Bikash Jayaram Pathak. To know the full story of Hindustani too, do read this post till the end.

Date Of Birth –

Bikash Jayaram Pathak was born on 7 August 1983 in Mumbai. Bikas started from St. Adam’s School in Mumbai. But after a few years, his father’s financial status deteriorated due to his father’s knocking down so much that he did not even have the money to buy school book. In such a situation, Bikash was starting to feel that now financial travel has started in his house. And for this reason, he left school in the middle and started doing small things outside to pay money at home.

Education of Hindustani Bhau

He told one of his great friends that any injury to him should be able to find fat work. And after that he started working as a force boy in Zom Khana. For whom he used to get 20 rupees of the day. When school hours were over, brothers also used to come home from Jim Kahana. And used to give 20 rupiah in his mother’s hat.

He used to come home till this time because he did not want his mother to know that he went to work instead of going to school. Friends tell you, till this time Bikash was around 12 years old. After coming from school, Bikash used to leave his sister to go to play from home.

Hindustani Bhau’s early life struggle

Hindustani Bhau is as famous as he is today, his struggle behind his fame. When he was in seventh grade, he had taken home the burden on himself. He worked as a waiter, selling incense sticks from house to house. By which they used to get some money.

When he grew up, he worked as a crime reporter in a Marathi newspaper. For which he also received honors.

Today, he is very active on social media. His fame is made on YouTube channel. He exposed anti-national forces through the YouTube channel. Work to teach a lesson to such forces.

Religion as protector of culture

Bhau’s aggressive image is admirable. They do not harm anyone’s feelings or privacy. Rather, he exposes conspiracies and unnecessary sloppy jokes about his religion. At the same time strongly opposes. The fiery nature of Bhau is very popular among the people.

People are always present in their support. Whenever Bhau puts his opinion in front of people, he always gets support.

Gradually, Bhau recognizes the people making fun against religion and culture and socially opposes them. Many times he has also been seen taking legal action for this.

Those who always hurt the feelings of Hinduism, which remain calm, then a calm mind is forced to become furious. This is Bhau’s symbolic form of emotion.

Hindustani Bhau Careers

Knowing how his house is, he did not go to play the cause. Rather, at that time each of the ladies used to work as a shorty in the bar. I want to say one thing written in this beautiful person, what someone has said a lot that these bars and dhabas are the chuthas or are they big in their home.

Hindustani bhau

From cleaning the table to making sure to say, he used to do the work in that time. Due to which people used to give them 10, 20 rupiah tips. In this way Bikash began to know the outside world. His work also changed over time. He sold incense sticks in the train and got a sari shop in every market.

After this, he also got work done in thunder for some time. Age is too big and understanding is also big, that is why he started the course of becoming a journalist in a site. And then a reporter got knocked on the way. And they also made them work with hard work and perseverance. After this, money started coming in his life. Gradually, even his money problem would also go away.

When the money came, he also started investing the money on the right place. So that their money can flood more. Taking the next step towards life and stability, he also did a simple job. After this, he had a son, whose name was Aditya and his beta Aditya, he also made a mention of an N.G.O.

Whose service provides an ambulance apple for 24 hours. Mila works with another n g o apart from this n g o. Which is called Sankalp Juba Foundation. But these films and tv did not see the roots, but once he was watching Sanjay Dutt vaastav film with friends,

after which he liked that film so much that even today he has the tattoo of Sanjay Dutt in the key. And since then she is a fan lyric of Sanjay Dutt. After the Pullabam incident in 2019, many outsiders were talking misleading videos targeting YouTube and India when the video was seen by Bikgash Pathak, he got very angry.

And in response to this, he also started making videos because he felt sorry that the core and Indian utuber was not responding to such people. And that’s why he decided to do this work himself. This was the day Bikash Jayaram Pathak became Hindustani bhai. He did not come to YouTube to earn money and fame, just to answer those who played the country’s voice. And that’s why he never got his video monetized. Over time, the videos of Hindustani Bhai started being seen by more and more people.

Hindustani Bhau net worth

Hindustani bhau

Talking about the income of Hindustani Bhau, he currently has about 5.20 INR lakh subscribers on YouTube. According to media reports, it is believed that he earns around 40-50 million annually only from YouTube. Apart from this, they also have more means of earning. Which includes his job and TV endorsement.

hindustani bhau facts

  • He mimics Sanjay Dutt’s style of dialogue delivery and walking. In fact, he was heavily influenced by 1999 Bollywood’s “Vastu”. Subsequently, he became a fan of Sanjay Dutt and started copying him.
  • He starts his video with a “Jai Hind Dosto” salute and then starts targeting a specific person who is against the country, society and him. His video contains very derogatory statements.
  • Bhau is very active in social media and often posts his videos and pictures with various celebrities.
  • He mostly shoots his videos sitting in his Suzuki Ertiga car.
  • His hobbies are swimming, traveling, singing etc.
  • Hindustani Bhau participated in the reality TV game show, Bigg Boss 13.
  • Actor (s): Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan, Manoj Tiwari, Aditya Pancholi
  • Singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
  • Destination: Dubai

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