Hindime net Chandan Prasad Prabhajan Singh Biography income Story

hindime net is the most famous no.1 website in Hindi. The reason for this website being famous is its quality full content and complete information. On this blog, you get complete information related to the latest technology, information, blogging, making money ideas, inspiration and education.

When the owner of hindime net was asked the purpose of creating this blog, he gave a very interesting answer – he said that when people search in Hindi related keywords in Google, they do not know or even get the right answer to their question.

So in another language that they have to travel to different blogs. The purpose of hindime.net is to solve this problem so that whenever people search in Google, they will get their answers completely on the same blog.

hindime.net basic information

Hindime net Chandan Prasad
  • Hindime.net founder -chandan prasad sahoo, prabhanjan, Singh sabina khatoon
  • started Date 2016
  • subjects -latest, technology, information, blogging, making money ideas, inspiring and education
  • alexa rank-890 (as on 1st january 2020)
  • income source-adsense

hindime.net traffic

hindime.net is a popular Hindi language blog, and on this blog you will get all the information completely, which directly benefits the user that he gets the solution of his question on the same website, so that the user can repeatedly visit the same website. Wants to come over Due to which the monthly traffic of this website is about 7-8 lakhs today. Which in itself is a very big thing.

hindime.net earning report

hindime.net is a very famous Hindi website, due to which its traffic is also very high. Or directly say, the monthly visit to hindime.net is 7-8 lakhs. When the owner of this website, Chandan ji, was asked how much you earn from this website, he said that I can buy Maruti Alto every month from Hindi net. That means hindime.net’s income is around 3-4 lakh rupees per month.

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hindime.net keywords

hindime.net is a famous Hindi website. Therefore, it is natural for this question to arise in everyone’s mind, how do hindime.net keywords research at the end, that every article of theirs starts to rank on the first page of Google.

When this question was asked to the owner of hindime.net, they told that they mainly use Google question hub and keywordtool.io for Hindi keywords research, which is absolutely free. And both of these are products of Google.

hindime.net owner

Hindime net Chandan Prasad

hindime.net ke owner is Chandan Prasad Sahu ji. Although Chandan Prasad Sahu started hindime.net with his two friends Sabina and cm sharma, but later both friends went under control for some reason and since then Chandan Prasad Shahu used to manage hindime.net but currently hindime .net is managed by Chandan’s brother Prabhanjan ji.

chandan prasad sahoo biography

Chandan Prasad Sahu is a blogger, YouTuber, digital marketing expert. Who started her life from blogging since 2011 and today she is the best blogger in India in just 9 years. He is also the owner of the popular Hindi website hindime.net. And Google is the winner of the Question Hub Gold Award.

chandan prasad sahoo was born in Sambalpur Orissa India. When Chandan Prasad Sahu was studying for college, he thought that he had to do something so that his earning could start as soon as his college studies were over. In the meantime, he read about Amit Aggarwal, who was earning millions from blogging at that time.

After finding out about Amit Agarwal, the father of Indian blogging, Chandan Prasad Sahu started searching the internet about blogging, during which Chandan Ji found Harsh Agarwal’s blog, after which Chandan Prasad Sahu started his first free website. Banali Dali started his first website with the blogger platform, whose domain name was hackeruniversity.in.

When he created his first website, he had no knowledge about blogging. Due to which, like most people, they started copy-pasting, yet despite this the monatization of their blog also happened. After this, in a hurry to complete 100 $, he asked his friends to do ad on him, due to which his AdSense account was banned. And yet he did not dare and kept on blugging.

After the first account was banned, he met Emraan Uddin ji to learn blogging and he gave Chandan Prasad Sahu the basics of seo and blogging and showed him the right path of blogging which resulted in his first income blogging in 2014 after three years. Chandni Prasad Sahu’s blogging journey started with this.

On february 2016, Chandan Prasad Sahu, along with his two friends Sabina and cm sharma, created a website called hindime.net which was created solely for the Hindi language. Which has become a popular Hindi website today. And for the same website, Chandan ji got the Questionhub Gold Award in 2018, which is a very big thing.

chandan prasad sahoo blogs

Chandan Prasad has 7-8 blogs with hindime.net as well as English. Along with this, he also has a youtube chanel “hindime jankari”. On which they tell about blogging. If you also want to learn or blogging, then you can join their channel.

chandan prasad sahoo income

As we all know that Chandan Prasad has 7-8 blogs with hindime.net as well as English. Then you will have a question that Chandan ji will be earning a lot of money. So yes if Chandan Prasad’s total income is talked about, then he can get three Alto cars from his one month’s earnings.

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