Hero Gayab Mode on Zara and Veer Love story more information

Sony SAB TV serial ‘Hero Gayab Mode On’ is the story of a common man. This story of Veer and Zara revolves around a miraculous ring. Veer is played by Abhishek Nigam and Zara is played by Yesha Roughani.

Veer disappears as soon as he wears this ring. However, this ring can only be worn by a person who has qualities like kindness, courage, selflessness, greatness and compassion, but it can also make the wearer corrupt and sinful. In such a situation, Veer decides to use his power for good and becomes a hero.

This story of Veer and Zara is being liked by the people. Along with this, a lot of people have become convinced in the chemistry of both of them. In real life, Abhishek Nigam and Yesha Roughani are good friends of each other.

Talking about his experience with Yesha, Abhishek Nigam says, “Yesha is a great co-star as everyone wants. She is a capable actress. I liked his character Smile a lot. Most of the scenes we have done so far, most of them are comic or romantic. Yes I like to be with everyone, calm and loving nature, I like them the most.

Both of them praised each other very much

Hero Gayab mode on zara and veer love story
Hero Gayab Mode on Zara and veer

Regarding her friendship with Abhishek, Yesha says, “Abhishek and I are very comfortable with each other. This makes shooting even more fun and exciting. Ever since we met for the first time during mock shooting, the experience of working with each other has been amazing.

He always laughs at the work and never shies away from giving 200 percent of his work. He takes great care of his co-stars. We have done some scenes together till now, especially in which we had to tie the scene and then they always took care of my safety. The way he is protective about me, it really touches my heart. “

Responding to the question of who is the biggest prankster on the set, Abhishek Nigam says, “I have done the most prank on my own, but she also never holds back from prank on me.” On the set, we do not miss any opportunity to prank each other and whenever

I catch them red-handed, she finally shouts with full force. It is really fun to disturb them. By the way, during Diwali, by bursting firecrackers in front of my door, they also prank on me and I remember I was very scared at that time. ‘

Our friends are deep

Abhishek goes on to say, ‘Because of these small moments, our friendship on the set has become deeper. When I first saw him, I never thought that I would have such a good friendship with him. She seemed a little tough to me at that time, but she turned out to be the exact opposite of my thinking. He is very good and as well as he gets along with everyone during the shooting, he can make any actor instantly comfortable. ‘

A true gentleman

On Abhishek’s prankster, Yesha says, “Although Abhishek is a true gentleman, but sometimes he is a very big prankster. When they have a phone in their hand, we try to stay away from them because they make our weird pictures and videos, which we have to be embarrassed after seeing. I don’t leave them like this and don’t let any opportunity to prank them by hand. “

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