GHKKPM | Written Update 4 Nov Virat clears Sai’s misunderstanding

Episode starts with Virat and Sai arguing with each other that he asked someone not to celebrate their wedding anniversary, he tells that he didn’t say anything like that, Sai says that he told only because his real face It is like, she argues with him and doesn’t want to hear anything from him. Virat kicks Mohit out of his room, he shows pictures to Virat, he asks Mohit to send pictures.

Ninad looks at Ashwini and says she put on a lot of makeup, she says she used to stay away from Ninad as she didn’t want to hurt Bhavani, he tries to clear her doubts that anything between Bhavani and her Not there. Ninad says that after his brother Bhavani only stood like a stone and kept on taking care of everything. He and Omkar respect him a lot, Ashwini apologizes to him.

GHKKPM | Written Update 4 Nov Virat clears Sai's misunderstanding
GHKKPM | Written Update 4 Nov Virat clears Sai’s misunderstanding

Ninad says why didn’t she clear all these doubts earlier, she said that she loves him and didn’t want to lose him. Ashwini says we have wasted a lot of time together and now they will live life to the fullest, she says she has only one dream left. Ninad says he knows what she wants, he says when Sai will understand that Pakhi is not in Virat’s life, he will realize one day.

Virat teases Sai if she wants to see the photos? She is unable to digest it and takes Virat’s phone and then looks at the photos. Virat tells her that he wants to take her to his past, as many times he asks her why did Pakhi invite her to the cafe? Pakhi instigates Bhavani that Sai has taken everyone in her side, even the emperor. She says that he has always respected her and asks her to give her the responsibility of the house.

Sonali also supports Pakhi, Pakhi says that Omi Mama and Sonali will leave the house just because of Sai and what will happen to the dignity of Chavan family. Karishma says that she is not in Sai’s team, Pakhi justifies Karishma and says that Sai has no resemblance to the Chavan family. Sonali says Bhavani is unable to take stand, Omkar says that he is leaving the house. Bhavani says that they will not step out of the house and now she will be as strict towards Sai as she has done with Ninad and Ashwini today.

Bhavani requests Omkar not to come out of the house. Virat confesses to Sai that Pakhi had asked Virat whether he should start his life with the emperor or should he wait for him. Sai gets up and starts leaving, she says that she is not interested in his words. Virat says that he should know about her as she is his friend. Sai says that she already knows that he will not return to Pakhi as he will never betray his brother.

Virat clears another misconception that he held Pakhi’s hand in the cafe just because she was crying a lot and he was comforting her. Sai says that he just overreacted that day, Virat feels that if Sai stays with him, this is enough for him.

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