GHKKPM | Sai Got Angry On Virat 25 Dec Written Update

Star Plus show Gum Hain Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein is showing a major moment of celebration for Sai where she excelled and topped in her exams but still she is unhappy because of her so different behavior after Virat’s return. When Mohit tells Samrat about Virat being in the hotel with another girl, Samrat worries about the matter and thinks he will ask Viraat himself.

It will be interesting to see if Virat will shy away from revealing the truth this time too when Samrat questions him! In this track we see, Sai feels sad and gets lost thinking about Virat. At the same time, Virat is upset about not being able to attend the award show. Pulkit arranges a special play for Sai where he shows all Sai’s moments and his story at the award show.

GHKKPM | Sai Got Angry On Virat

Sai can’t stop and thinks only about the moments with Virat. When Shruti gives birth to the baby, the doctor tells Virat about the miracle and explains that Shruti and the baby are doing well despite the complications. Virat checks on the child and Shruti. Then he thinks of going to the award show.

Here, Mohit shares with Samrat how he saw Virat go to a hotel with Shruti. They think that Sai might get hurt because of Virat. Sai is lost in Virat’s thoughts and is unable to pay attention to the award function. Virat reaches the award function when Sai is giving a speech about how some people always supported me and some never supported me. Virat feels sad hearing her words. Later when everyone is happy at home, Sai is still sad.

Virat comes and is questioned about his disappearance and being so secret these days. The emperor asks him if he is in any trouble he can share so that they all can help him. Virat feels confused and sees that Sai is hurt and is not trusting her. Sai also asks Virat to tell the truth as the time has come.

In the upcoming episode, Samrat will tell everyone how he saw Virat going to the hotel with a girl. He will ask Virat to explain it. Virat will say that she is his friend’s wife. Samrat will ask her why she told the hotel manager that she is his wife. Everyone is shocked by this and Sai gets hurt. While Virat watches. Will Sai know about Shruti’s truth, when will Virat remove Sai’s misunderstanding? How will Sai react to Shruti’s condition? Will Sai leave Chavan’s house again? Keep following our posts for the latest updates on your favorite shows!

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