GHKKPM 30 December Written Update | Sai Confused about Virat

Star Plus show GHKKPM sees a twist where Sai Chavan plans to leave the house. Chavan gets worried. Sai can’t stop feeling Virat’s betrayal. Now how will Virat handle Sai? In this track we see that, Bhavani feels disappointed while Mansi supports and trusts Virat.

Ashwini tries to support Sai. Virat says that he will not explain anything further nor will he listen against Shruti. Virat tries to hold Sai’s hand to convince him, when he comes near him, Sai distances Virat from herself. Sai warns Virat that he has lost all authority over him.

GHKKPM 30 December Written Update | Sai confused about Virat
GHKKPM 30 December Written Update | Sai confused about Virat

Sai says that this time he cannot trick her. Sai says that she wants to go away from his life. Bhavani tries to pacify Sai and asks him not to break up like this and give time. Virat asks Sai to give her some time, he will show her that the truth is different. Sai says I don’t want to come between you and Shruti, you can live life as per your wish.

Virat gets a call from the hospital that Shruti’s child is not feeling well, Virat starts leaving while Ashwini swears to him yet Virat does not stop. Here, Shruti remembers how Virat killed her husband so she stops Virat from touching her child. Virat asks Shruti to behave normal in the hospital or else they will start asking Shruti’s identity details, and it will be difficult.

Takes him to the hospital and calls Virat. But Virat missed. Ashwini prayed for Sai and hugged her. Ashwini tries to stop Sai from leaving and then decides that if anyone goes, it will be Virat. Pakhi gets irritated as Sai gets attention. She thinks that now Sai can feel what she felt. Pakhi raises the question of Sai and Virat’s divorce. On which others silence him. Here, Shruti apologizes to Virat and thanks him. Virat leaves thinking of Sai.

In the coming episodes, Virat will request Sai not to go. Sai will say that now she has Shruti so bring her. Hearing these allegations, Virat will be furious. Will Sai know about Shruti’s truth? When will Virat clear Sai’s misunderstanding? Will Sai leave the Chavan residence again? Keep following our posts for the latest updates on your favorite shows!

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