GHKKPM 29 January 2022 Written Update | Sai Took A Gig Step To Save Virat’s Job

GHKKPM 29 January 2022 Written Update The episode begins with Sai blaming himself for Virat’s condition. She says that she cannot let him lose her job for which she is very passionate. She says that it is happening because of her and says that she will try to stop it. She announces that she will go to the Chavan residence and will meet Virat there and divorce him from their unwanted relationship.

His eyes moisten as he remembers her, while Pulkit tries to stop him. He says that she cannot blame herself for what Virat has done. He misjudges Virat, to which Sai says that it is not wrong to love and says that she will not let Sahas live without his parents. She tells that she has lost her parents and knows how painful it is.

GHKKPM 29 January 2022 Written Update

Here, Pulkit feels bad for Sai and says that she is trying to make herself look strong but she is emotionally weak inside. He warns her that she is making it difficult for herself, to which she questions whether he will always be there to support her. To which he nodded his head yes. She smiles saying that if he is with her, she doesn’t have to worry about anything else. Sai decides to meet Virat.

Meanwhile Shruti wakes up and comes and sits beside Virat. He gives her breakfast, at which point she talks about all the favors he has done for her. He asks her not to be formal and assures that he really cares for Sahas. She insists him to tell the truth to Sai, which Virat denies and says that one day everyone will come to know about the truth, but by then it will be too late.

On the other hand, Shruti takes a stand for Sai and says that it is not her fault. She tries to convince Virat that in such a situation any man would doubt his partner. At the same time, Virat does not listen to Shruti. He thinks of going to his job, but suddenly he remembers the statement of DIG Sahab. Virat looks at the newspaper placed in front of him and gets into thinking.

Shruti picks it up and gets shocked seeing the article on Virat. She cries after reading that everyone is treating her as a criminal. She blames herself for his condition and asks him to reveal the truth. She says that she can see Sahas growing up in jail by himself, but cannot see injustice being done to Virat.

Later, Virat pacifies her and asks her not to blame herself. He says that it is his destiny and he is used to such fake news on his character. He tries to console her and says that he will find some other work for himself. He gets emotional even thinking about his life, to which Shruti is filled with guilt inside. Virat says that this incident taught him that no one is with him. He tells how both his head and his family are refusing to accept him as the truth. His eyes moisten as he remembers their accusations and says that he does not want to go back to them.

Shruti tries to convince him that Sai is not wrong. She asks him what would he have done if he had been in Sai’s place? To this, Virat replies that he has doubted Sai twice before, but he learned a lesson after his accident. She informs that their relationship had changed since then, but Sai broke her trust again. At the same time Sai calls him, but he ignores it.

Shruti asks him to talk to Sai once. He finally picks up her phone, to which Sai asks her to meet him at Chavan Niwas. He denies saying that her family does not want to have any relationship with him, to which she requests him to come there and assures that she will handle everything. She somehow convinces him to come.

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