GHKKPM 28 January 2022 Written Update | Sai Decides To Divorce Virat

GHKKPM 28 January 2022 Written Update The episode begins with Shruti asking Virat to clear Sai’s confusion while he asks her not to stress. He says that if Sai agrees to believe him, he will inform Sai the truth. He tells Shruti that Sai was never ready to listen to her and insists that she should not blame herself for anything. He declares that if both of them are destined to be with each other, they will surely find their way.

Meanwhile, Virat also tells Shruti about the house taken for him. She asks where will he stay? To which he replies that he is trying to find a home near her. Here, Shruti tells Virat that she trusts him and insists on being with him. Virat says that he doesn’t want to complicate things and explains how Sai becomes suspicious of everything about Virat. She even keeps an eye on the boys of her locality.

GHKKPM 28 January 2022 Written Update

Virat asks Shruti to pack their belongings as they were going to shift to their new house. She packs her bag while he carries the baby and leaves the hospital. Meanwhile, Sai keeps watching him injured. Pulkit asks Sai why he decided to stay there to keep an eye on Virat. To which Sai says that she still feels pain seeing Shruti with Virat.

On the other hand, Virat gets a message from DIG Sir and gets confused knowing about the emergency. He drops Shruti at home and goes to the police station. He reports to DIG Sir, while he informs him about his acts. He asks what has he been doing since few days? To which Virat understands his meaning and says that he can prove himself innocent.

Virat asks if his parents have complained against him? To which the DIG sir gives a negative reply saying that they were keeping an eye on him because he had strange behavior. He informs how he has seen him admit Shruti to the hospital and have an illegitimate child with her. Virat controlled himself and closed his eyes. Further, DIG Sir scolds Virat for betraying Sai, while he tries to deny his allegations.

Meanwhile, the DIG gives Sir Virat an ultimatum of 72 hours to prove his innocence and announces that he will expel him after that. Virat is shocked but accepts his order. Later, Sai is shocked to learn about the news through the newspaper. She finds Pulkit and tells him about it. He tells her to be happy as finally Virat is paying the price for her bad deeds.

Sai says that Virat is not that bad either and decides to support him. Meanwhile, Pulkit scolds her for being selfless. He reminisces how Virat betrayed her, to which she replies that he has given her a lot of happiness and respect as well. She says that because of her she has got a big family. Later, Pulkit tries to convince him that he has won Chavan’s heart by his nature and not because of Virat. He also tells her that it is not easy to stand up to the police.

Sai tells that he has an idea through which he can help Virat. She says that she will divorce him and after separation the man can marry anyone of his choice. She says that Virat will be cleared of all charges, to which Pulkit says that Sai is thinking of doing a lot for the boy who cheated on her. He asks about her love for Virat, to which she gives a sad smile and says that they parted ways before they knew each other’s feelings. She announces that she wants to do something for Virat.

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