GHKKPM 27th January 2022 Written Update | Virat Got Sai’s Support

GHKKPM 27th January 2022 Written Update Episode starts with Pulkit saying that injection is the last chance to save Shruti. He asks a nurse to give Shruti an injection, while Sai requests her to give it to her. Virat looks at them from one side as Sai injects it inside Shruti’s body and suddenly she starts trembling. They all get worried, while Pulkit informs that they cannot do anything else.

Virat looks at Shruti and believes that the doctors have done their best and says that he will accept whatever God has planned. Sai gets sad seeing her and prays to God to save Shruti’s life as Virat loves her very much.

Here, Ashwini and Sonali help Bhavani walk. All the members of the house encourage him, while Karishma and Sonali look at each other. At the same time Pakhi comes there, to which Bhavani says that it is good that one of them is happy. At the same time, Pakhi learns about Virat and Shruti’s child, but she refuses to believe it. She questions Samrat, to which he also tells the same. She thinks that Virat has got used to cheating.

GHKKPM 27th January 2022 Written

The doctor notices Shruti’s pulse returning to normal and informs Pulkit. He tells that Shruti is out of danger now. Virat expresses his gratitude towards them, only then Shruti regains consciousness. Shruti requests Sai to speak privately, but Pulkit refuses. Sai also does not want to talk to her in private and asks her to tell what she wants in front of Pulkit.

On the other hand, Shruti keeps requesting Sai but she takes her bag to leave. Shruti forces herself to get up to stop Sai, but feels pain. Virat sees her struggling and makes her lie down. Sai gets emotional remembering her moments with Virat. Virat questions about Shruti’s health, to which Sai replies that she is better than ever. She asks him to take care of his wife and child.

Meanwhile, she announces to celebrate her first operation which was successful and congratulates Virat on getting his wife back. Later, Sai remembers how Virat took care of her when she was admitted to the hospital. He also shows his gratitude to Shruti for saving her life, to which Sai replies that it was his duty. At the same time the nurse gives Shruti’s child to Virat saying that he has to take care of his child.

Sai sees them and then removes the evil eye from the child and gives money to the nurse. She wishes Virat and his family to be happy. Pulkit questions Sai for doing all this, to which she replies that she is doing this on behalf of Virat as she is in a state of shock. She recalls the time when Bhavani asked her for an heir and Virat told her that he need not stress about it. She thinks that Virat already knew about Shruti’s pregnancy at that time and hence did not want a child from her.

Further, Sai mocks Virat for his betrayal and tells him to be happy with his wife and child. Shruti tries to tell him the truth but Sai leaves with Pulkit. Shruti tells Virat that she tried to fix everything, but Sai did not listen to her. Virat assured Shruti and said that do not take tension about this. He also says that he will himself tell her the truth after fixing everything.

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