GHKKPM 26 January 2022 Written Update | Virat Broken By Shruti’s Critical Condition

GHKKPM 26 January 2022 Written Update The episode begins with Virat talking to a house dealer and asking him to rent an apartment. The dealer assures her and says that he can show her the house, to which Virat says that he wants privacy in his house and wants to get an apartment where the neighbors don’t make noise, to which the dealer agrees.

The dealer asks will he stay with his wife or family? To which Virat remembers Sai, but then replies in the affirmative saying that he will stay with his wife and a child. Just then Virat’s call comes and he gets worried.

Here, Virat apologizes to the dealer and runs inside the hospital. Meanwhile, Sai gets restless and tries to find her father’s photograph inside her bag. She finally gets it and calms down. She shares her plan with her father, explaining that she will stay in the hostel until she completes her studies and will then go where luck takes her.

GHKKPM 26 January 2022 Written Update

Pulkit goes inside Sai’s room and supports him. At the same time the doctor calls Pulkit and asks him to come immediately as Shruti’s condition has deteriorated. She informs that Shruti is going through emotional stress, to which Pulkit questions whether she was given the injection? To which the doctor denies.

Pulkit, on the other hand, lashes out at the doctor for his carelessness and reminisces about the complications of the operation. He asks her to get the injection as soon as possible and informs Sai about the matter. He starts walking towards the hospital with Sai. She gets worried about Shruti while he asks why is she so selfless. He says that he is upset that he forgot that it is Shruti who separated him from Virat.

Sai tells that Shruti is not at fault and being a doctor she does not want to bring her personal enmity between them. Sai talks about the occasions when Virat would have met Shruti. She says that either he must have known her for a long time, or they may have met a year ago and are attracted to each other. She says that she doesn’t even know about Shruti’s pregnancy history and hence she is facing problems after the surgery.

Pulkit further asks that where did Virat go a year ago? To which Sai replies that she doesn’t want to talk about it and gets emotional. Meanwhile, Ashwini comes back home and orders her family members to return to normal. Sonali says that after what Virat did, he will have to face many problems. Ashwini tells everyone to avoid her, while Sonali says that someday Bhavani will accept Virat’s child, to which she assures that she will not. Karishma looks at Sonali and smiles.

Pulkit tells Sai that if something happens to Shruti, Virat will come to Sai and she will emotionally accept to take care of the child. Sai tells Pulkit not to think about him and to concentrate on saving Shruti’s life. Meanwhile, Virat clashes with the doctor and gets worried about Shruti’s health. The doctor tells her about the side effects of the injection, while he asks her to save Shruti in any case.

Later, Sai comes there with Pulkit and sees Virat. He holds her and asks will Shruti be fine? She sees him tensely and holds hands to pull him towards the temple. She asks him to pray for his wife and assures her. Seeing her so mature, he gets emotional and then she leaves, his eyes become moist. He breaks down in front of the god’s idol, while Sai too cries seeing his condition. She wanted him to live a happy life with his wife and child.

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