GHKKPM 25 January 2022 Written Update | Shruti’s Health Deteriorated

GHKKPM 25 January 2022 Written Update Episode starts with Chavan and Virat. They are shocked to see him with a child and question him about it, while he tells them to keep quiet as the child was sleeping and takes them out of the cabin. Ashwini gets furious at Virat and asks if the child is his? He reminds that they have kicked her out of his house and hence he has no right to question her.

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Sonali tells him how their neighbors insulted her and blames it on Virat. Onkar says that if he wanted to have children with Shruti, he should have married her. He asks why did he ruin Sai’s life and starts his affair with Shruti. Here, Mohit gives the child’s document to Sonali, who tells him to be Virat’s son.

Mohit says that he regrets following Virat from the day he came to know about his betrayal. He also reminds Shruti about his threat, while Virat tells her to stay away from him. He says that if they don’t trust him at all then they have nothing more to say.

GHKKPM 25 January 2022 Written Update

The emperor mockingly asked him whether he would keep asking about trusting her without telling the truth? The emperor scolds Virat for betraying him and hurting Sai badly. He says that no one will forgive him, while Virat feels hurt. He says I don’t want to answer them, to which Ninaad gives him a tremendous answer.

Meanwhile, Ashwini asks Virat to poison her, he is shocked and stops her from saying this. On the other hand, Ninad says that it would have been better if he and Ashwini would have jumped off the roof and committed suicide before Virat learned the truth. He broke down hearing her statement.

Ashwini gets furious at Virat and keeps on cursing him. At the same time, other people also take out their anger on him. Virat tells that it is just a baby and he needs to take care of her. Samrat tells how Sai will feel after knowing her truth and shows sympathy to her, while Viraat informs that she already knew about it. He narrates about the incident where Pulkit and Sai operated on Shruti. Everyone is stunned to hear him and feels bad for what has happened to Sai.

Later, Virat asks her to forgive so that she can take care of the child, while Ashwini gets angry and slaps her hard. She cries after doing her act, while others comfort her. Meanwhile, Virat leaves scattered.

Meanwhile, Sonali goes inside Bhavani’s cabin and sees her in her senses. Mansi asks him to take rest, while Sonali interrupts and informs him about Shruti and Virat’s child. Bhavani is shocked and orders Sonali to take her there. Sonali puts him on the wheelchair and takes him away.

Chavan is shocked to see her and tries to stop, but she ignores them. They all enter Shruti’s cabin, which terrifies Virat and she. She sees them getting confused and asks who are they? To which Bhavani asks her to ask this question to Virat. Further, Ashwini along with others starts accusing Shruti of breaking into their house. She feels hurt and tries to convince them but they refuse to listen to it.

Virat asks them to stop, but Ashwini becomes furious and reprimands Shruti for ruining Virat and Sai’s relationship. She keeps on screaming asking for answers, while Shruti’s head starts hurting. Virat notices her and gets worried, he calls the nurse and she sends everyone out of the room. Shruti faints while the nurse goes to call the doctor. Virat gets worried about her.

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