GHKKPM 24 January 2022 Written Update | Everyone Was Shocked To See Virat With The Child.

GHKKPM 24 January 2022 Written Update Episode starts with Bhavani getting furious after remembering the taunts of her neighbours. She informs all the family members about it and scolds Sonali for talking about Sai and Virat’s divorce in front of her. Sonali clarifies herself saying that she was trying to help Bhavani, but Bhavani calls her a fool.

Sonali gets furious and asks Bhavani to blame Sai and Virat as they have ruined their reputation. Meanwhile, Bhavani reprimands Ashwini and Ninad for the way they tried to bring their son and daughter-in-law closer to each other, but failed miserably.

Here, Ashwini tells Bhavani not to blame her as she tried her best to bring Sai and Virat closer. Pakhi intervenes saying that Virat does not get the love of his wife and hence he secretly marries Shruti. Bhavani agrees with Pakhi, while Mohit and Samrat support Ashwini and ask Bhavani not to blame her.

GHKKPM 24 January 2022 Written Update

Devyani also gets irritated hearing about Sai and Virat’s divorce and asks her family members to stay. She says that they will not separate. Shivani also supports Ashwini and says that Bhavani starts screaming when things don’t go as per her wish. She reminds Bhavani that she was closer to Virat yet could not stop him. On the other hand, Bhavani gets angry on hearing her family members and asks them to stop. She announces that she will not tolerate their chatter and starts walking upstairs towards her room.

Sonali makes fun of Bhavani when Sonali sees her while climbing the stairs and she becomes unbalanced. She falls down from there and gets hit hard on her head. Everyone is shocked to see him and takes him to the hospital. Omkar blames Ninad and his family for Bhavani’s condition, while he says that Sonali’s words made Bhavani fall.

Onkar and Sonali reprimand Ninad and ask Bhavani to stay away. They get into an argument when Devyani stops them by reminding them about the situation. They pray for Bhavani while the doctors start treating her. Later, Virat sees Samrat in the hospital and questions him about the matter. He ignores Virat and says that he has no relation with their family. At the same time, Mohit also comes there, with whom Virat insists on talking, but both leave him giving him the cold shoulder.

Whereas, he follows them and is shocked to learn about Bhavani’s accident. Devyani sees her and asks her to do something in her mother’s concern. Meanwhile, Ninad shows his anger towards Virat and asks him to leave. Doctor comes there and informs them that Bhavani will be fine and asks them to take care of her. Meanwhile, the nurse asks Virat if he needs his signature for his wife’s tests. Everyone looks at Virat after listening to Shruti and taunts him. He leaves from there while Ninad was about to go after him to scold him but the emperor stops him.

While there, Sonali secretly hides to see Shruti and is shocked to see a child with her. She mistook him for Virat’s child. Further, Sonali informs everyone about Virat’s child shocking them. Mohit also told him the truth. Ninad and Samrat get enraged and decide to face Virat, meanwhile Mansi warns them not to make a decision without knowing the whole truth. Ashwini breaks down and then they all go and confront Virat asking him about the child, while he looks at them.

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