GHKKPM 23 Jan 2022 Update | Will this step of Shruti Clear The Misunderstanding Of Virat Sai

GHKKPM 23 Jan 2022 Update. Ghum Hai Kisi Key Pyaar Mein is currently ruling the television screens. The show is doing very well. The story of the serial focuses on the complicated life of Virat, in which he is caught between Sai and Shruti. His family throws him out of the house due to some misunderstanding, while Sai accuses him of having an extramarital affair with Shruti.

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Will he be able to solve the problems or will he face more difficulties? In the earlier episodes, Virat scolds Karishma for character assassination of Shruti. At the same time, Sonali takes the side of her daughter-in-law against Virat. Meanwhile, Bhavani stops Virat from stepping out of the house and asks him to think about his decision. She tells that people will make fun of her reputation, to which Virat replies that she doesn’t care about it anymore.

GHKKPM 23 Jan 2022 Update

Here, Virat reminds that it was his decision to not trust her and ask him to go away from home. He recalls Ninad’s allegations, while Ashwini talks about his betrayal to Sai. Pakhi stops Virat from leaving, while Samrat asks Virat where will he stay? Viraat asks the emperor not to show his fake concern, while he asks Virat to commend Sai for not complaining against him. He warns that Sai’s complaint may also snatch Virat’s job, to which Virat says he doesn’t care.

Further, Virat bows down to seek the blessings of the elders before leaving, but they refuse to bless him. Ninad once again insults him, while only Mansi shows her support for Virat, saying that there must have been a reason for his behaviour. Virat leaves the house, leaving his family heartbroken.

Devyani becomes concerned for Virat and Sai, while Virat goes to see Shruti where the doctor advises her to take her to an advanced hospital. Later, after Virat leaves, Pakhi worries about him. Meanwhile, Bhavani along with Ashwini and Sonali attend the puja of their neighbors and are insulted. They question Sai and Virat about their divorce, while Ashwini takes a stand for her daughter-in-law.

Now in the upcoming episode Bhavani will be disappointed and says that she does not want to talk to anyone. She will climb the stairs to go to her room when Sonali mocks her for taking out her anger on them. Suddenly Bhavani will slip down the stairs and hit her head. Meanwhile, the nurse will take Shruti for a test while Virat stays with the baby inside the hospital. Sonali will be shocked to see him playing with the child.

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