GHKKPM 21 January 2022 Written Update | Virat decides To Leave The House

GHKKPM 21 January 2022 Written Update. The episode begins with Ninad asking Virat to leave the house and warn him never to come back even when he is dead. Ashwini gets shocked and stops her from saying such things. Virat confronts his father and says that he will obey his orders, but will keep sending him money every month to pay his rent. He asks Ninad if he needs money for his regular checkup, to which Omkar refuses saying that he does not want his money as he already has enough.

Virat tells that they can also give the money to charity and decides to send it, no matter what. Seeing Ashwini crying bitterly, he walks towards her and reminds her how he had asked her to leave and broke all his relations with her. Here, Virat assures Ashwini that she will forget him once she leaves. He taunts her for not believing her and questions whether she really thinks he can cheat on them.

Samrat intervenes and consoles Ashwini. He reprimands Virat for spoiling Sai’s life. Meanwhile, Bhavani comes in the middle and stops everyone. Bhavani declares that she has taken care of Virat since childhood and raised him like her own son. She says that she will only question him and tell a decision, which Virat will have to follow. She pulls him towards the temple and reminds him how she has brought him up. She reminds him that she was always proud of him and his achievements. She reminds him of the hard work behind his success, while he smiles.

GHKKPM 21 January 2022 Written Update

On the other hand Bhavani says that Virat can never deny its decision. She says that Sai has really helped them all. She tells how Sai has taken a stand for Devyani and Samrat. She orders Virat to release Shruti and bring Sai back to rectify his mistake. She explicitly states that she is not interested in his interpretation or does not want to know who is right and who is wrong. She simply asks him to accept his decision.

Virat looks at Bhavani and then says that he cannot obey her this time. He says that Sai is mature enough to take his decision. He reminds her that she wanted to be free and left him not believing him. He says that he cannot leave Shruti, he tries to explain his point of view but Ninad yells at him.

Further, Virat apologizes to all his family members and asks Mohit to give him all the updates. He says that he is always there for them, while Mohit gets furious and shows his anger towards Virat. He says that he always looked up to Virat, but he has broken all his trust. He blames Shruti for everything and announces that he will take her to the police station, even if it ends up in jail. Everyone is shocked to hear her words, while Virat warns them not to do so.

Virat packs his bag and meets his family before leaving. Ashwini shows her concern for Sai, to which Virat says that he will have no problem coming back once she leaves. The emperor asked for whom would she return? Everyone taunts her when she leaves the house for Shruti. Pakhi tries to stop her, but Samrat says that he will not listen to anyone as he has become mad for Shruti.

Further, Mohit warns Virat that he will not spare him or Shruti for what he has done to Sai. He declares that he will avenge Sai. Mansi tries to convince Virat, but Ashwini tells him to stop.

Bhavani reprimands Onkar and Sonali as well as Virat. At the same time, Karishma questions why he is leaving Sai for Shruti, while Mohit shouts at her and asks her to stop. She makes fun of Shruti, while Virat gets furious at her and warns her.

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