GHKKPM 20 January 2022 Written Update | Chavan Family Accuses Virat of Ruining Sai’s Life

GHKKPM 20 January 2022 Written Update. The episode begins with Virat deciding to leave the house when Ninad insults him. His family says that they are ashamed to call him their part. Virat smiles a sore smile and says that he is ready to accept her decision and will leave as he doesn’t trust her anymore. Ashwini cries and blames Shruti for everything. She reprimands Virat for causing pain to Sai and shows sympathy for him. She says that Sai is living alone because of Virat and says that he has not done right.

Ninad and Ashwini decide not to spare Shruti and says they will take her to the police station, Virat gets angry and takes a stand for her. Here, Virat tells that he hasn’t even seen Shruti and tells her not to use any bad words for her as they don’t even know her. He tells them to keep Shruti away from everything, while Ninad tells that she is the cause of the problem.

Pakhi says that Sai has decided to divorce Virat and tells that through the court they will also know about the reason why Virat has cheated on Sai. Virat gets angry at Pakhi and asks her to stay away from the matter. He reminds her of the incidents where he tried to downgrade and cause problems for Sai, to which she gets furious and yells at him to stop. She declares in front of everyone that she never created any problem for Sai and it was Virat who has done this from the beginning. At the same time, Sonali and Omkar come there and ask about the matter.

GHKKPM 20 January 2022 Written Update

While Omkar taunts Virat, Sonali also keeps walking with him. They make fun of her for moving between their house and Shruti. Meanwhile, Bhavani gets angry at Virat and says that people will start talking like this about his family and accuses Virat of ruining his reputation. The emperor also reprimands Virat, while the latter feels hurt and replies that there was a time when the emperor could find out the truth by looking inside his eyes.

The emperor declares that now he only trusts and supports Sai. Seeing Virat’s support for Shruti, Ashwini starts crying, while Samrat consoles her. He insults his mother for making her cry, while Virat says that he is already feeling bad for it. Later, Mohit brings Shivani and she talks to Virat about cheating on Sai. She says that she has not done right.

Meanwhile, Devyani also comes forward and shouts at Virat. She says that he is no longer her brother, while he is shocked. She pushes him away and cries. Viraat announces that he will leave because he does not want to cause any problems for them, to which the emperor says that it will be easier for him as he can live independently with Shruti. Virat repeatedly says that he has no personal relationship with Shruti.

Ninad announces that Virat has died for her and banishes her from all his wealth. Virat is shocked to hear her words. Meanwhile everyone says that the house is incomplete without Sai. They all reminisce how Sai helped them when they needed it. Further, Mansi shows her trust in Virat and says that she doesn’t think he can cheat on them. He gets emotional seeing her faith.

Sonali and Omkar taunt him again, while he decides to leave and asks for some time to clear all his belongings. He says that he never betrayed them and that he will keep his truth within himself. He promises that he will never approach them, while everyone is left speechless.

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